U16 Roster & Staff

No. Player Name Position Height Weight Age
0 Steven Tolgu        
1 RJ Noll        
24 Tosh Samkange        
25 Lorenzo Ramos        
26 Kasey French        
27 Harrison Kurtz        
28 Samad Bounthong        
29 Victor Mansaray        
30 Jaeger Skifstad        
31 Alejandro Hernandez        
32 John Magnus        
33 Ryan Schaefer        
46 Joseph Hafferty        
44 John Dale        
74 Alec Zimmerman        
37 Connor Noblat        
38 Diego Silvas        
39 Connor Thompson        
40 Bryce Ikeda        
48 Kees Westra        
43 Tyler Black        

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