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Follow the pulse of the Seattle Sounders FC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. The feeds below will display a real time view of all posts involving the Sounders FC.

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The quickest and most thorough way to stay up to date with your beloved Sounders FC is to follow us on Twitter. News, pictures and insight from all aspects of the club!

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Official Sounders FC Twitter Accounts
Account Handle
Seattle Sounders FC
Sounders FC Academy
Sounders FC Live
Sounders FC Promotions
Sounders FC MatchPass
Sounders FC Roundtable Podcast
Sounders FC Pro Shop
Sounders FC Player Twitter Accounts
Player Handle
Tony Alfaro
Osvaldo Alonso
Andy Craven
Clint Dempsey
Brad Evans
Michael Farfan
Oniel Fisher
Stefan Frei
Erik Friberg
Andreas Ivanschitz
Darwin Jones
Aaron Kovar
Damion Lowe
Charlie Lyon
Chad Marshall
Obafemi Martins
Zach Mathers
Tyrone Mears
Jordan Morris
Jimmy Ockford
Dylan Remick
Cristian Roldan
Jordan Schweitzer
Román Torres
Nelson Valdez
Sounders FC Coaches Twitter Account
Coach Handle
Brian Schmetzer
Assistant Coach
Ezra Hendrickson
Head Coach, S2
Kurt Schmid
Assistant Coach/Scout
Dave Tenney
Performance/Sports Science
Sounders FC Staff Twitter Accounts
Staff Member Handle
Drew Carey
Bart Wiley
Chief Operating Officer
Taylor Graham
Senior Director of Business Operations
Alan Hinton
Broadcaster/Former Coach
Kasey Keller
Broadcaster/Former Player


Add the Sounders on Instagram for a look at the club through the camera lens from all angles.

Visit @SoundersFC on Instagram

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Sounders FC Player Instagram Accounts
Player Handle
Osvaldo Alonso ozziealonso
Andy Craven acray99
Clint Dempsey clint_dempsey
Brad Evans bradrevans
Michael Farfan mfarfan
Oniel Fisher onielfisher199x
Erik Friberg friberg8
Andreas Ivanschitz andivan.23
Darwin Jones darwinljones
Joevin Jones Joe_v_10
Aaron Kovar aokovar
Damion Lowe dlowe31
Victor Mansaray baller_97
Chad Marshall chadmarshall14
Obafemi Martins obagoal
Zach Mathers zmath21
Tyrone Mears tyemears4
Tyler Miller tmiller33
Jordan Morris jordanmorris1319
Jimmy Ockford jockford
Dylan Remick dylanremick
Cristian Roldan cristianroldan_
Nelson Valdez Nelson Valdez

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