Sound Off - Gonzo hearts Seattle; NYCFC adds Villa; fun with paper airplanes

Top of the league! Top of the league! We're Sounders FC and we're top of the league! Yep, feels pretty good right now but a long, long way to go still. In beating RSL 4-0 on Saturday in front of nearly 40,000, the Sounders ended the visitors' unbeaten start to the year and made a serious statement of intent. Good stuff. That's all in the past though. Chicago up next...after the links. Dig in.

Link Madness - Get them while they're hot!

Is this finally the year that Germany wins the World Cup? (Hint: they’re really good) (

The US and A has had some pretty excellent goalkeepers in its day. Tim Howard just became the winningest of the lot (

NYCFC has its first player…and he’s a good one (

Always liked Roger Espinoza. Some good quotes from him here (

Watching the World Cup? Of course you are. Here’s your full viewer’s guide (

Should we be worried about Jozy Altidore’s lack of goals? (

Howler Magazine is pretty cool. Their World Cup issue is pretty cooler (Howler Magazine)

Oh Wesley you cheeky boy… (

Hey! I was in Tucson a few months ago! (

Liga MX rules the airwaves in the USA. Interesting. (Goal)

MLS Recap – A quick look back at the weekend’s play in the one and only Major League Soccer

Crazy game in Portland as the Timbers fall to Cascadia rivals Vancouver 4-3 on Sunday - RECAP | Colorado is quietly turning things around as they bested Houston - RECAP | We’re off to Chicago this week, a team that drew 1-1 with LA Galaxy - RECAP | Things haven’t looked great for the Union lately but this 3-0 win over Chivas USA will help - RECAP | San Jose got the better of FCD in this 2-1 contest - RECAP

Tweets of the Week – The best Sounders-related nuggets in 140 characters or less

National hero right there. Good luck in Brazil, DeAndre!

Amen, Lamar. What a match, what a shot.

Ugo is the realist man on the Twitters. Says it like it is and it's quite entertaining.

Instagram of the Week - kinds of awesome

Coming to a pitch in Brazil this month. LET'S GO USA!

GIF of the Week - All the frames, all the fun

Look at all those hearts! Just hearts on hearts on hearts.

Video of the Week - Watch and be impressed

How amazing is this? I used to love paper airplanes. Well done, chap.