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 Sounders FC Priority List FAQs

What is the Sounders FC Priority List?

The Sounders FC Priority List is an opportunity for fans to gain priority in purchasing Season Ticket Memberships for upcoming seasons. By placing a $100 deposit per seat, fans are able to reserve their place in line to purchase, should Memberships become available. This is a one-time, non-refundable deposit that rolls over to the next year if Sounders FC is unable to offer a Season Ticket Membership. If we are able to offer a Membership and the individual declines twice, that individual’s position is moved to the bottom of the Priority List.

What does this mean to Season Ticket Members?

This simply means that we are sold-out of Season Ticket Memberships in the lower level of CenturyLink Field. Our season ticket members DO NOT need to join the Sounders FC Priority List, as they already have the highest priority in renewing, relocating and adding seats.

What is a referral? And what are the benefits?

A referral is when a Season Ticket Member recommends his or her friend to purchase a Season Ticket Membership. If the friend successfully purchases the Membership on his or her own account, then the original Season Ticket Member receives an exclusive prematch experience.

How can I refer a friend to receive season tickets?

You can refer a friend by either filling out this form or by calling your personal Fan Relations Representative. Your representative will reach out to your friend to discuss the Sounders FC Priority List. Seat location is subject to availability.

Can I transfer ownership of my account?

During the 2016 renewal process, primary account holders are allowed to transfer ownership of tickets to individuals who are designated on their account for at least one season or immediate family members. All account transfers must be completed by the renewal deadline. At the conclusion of the 2016 renewal process, Season Ticket Account Holders will no longer be able to transfer their account, in whole or in part, to any person or entity, except their spouse, child or parent. Legacy pricing is nontransferable. For more information about account transfers, please view the Ticket Transfer Policies.

Can I relocate my seats?

Every Season Ticket Member will have first priority to view relocation options through our interactive seating map as long as they renew their current seat location. To participate in our Seat Relocation process, please submit your upgrade request at the time of your renewal either online or through a representative. The upgrade process will take place online in mid-October.

Can I add seats and then transfer them to a friend?

No, additional seats are not able to be transferred, which is why we recommend referring your friends to purchase their own Season Ticket Memberships. You can refer your friend here.

 Renewal FAQs

How many matches does my season ticket package include?

Your season ticket package includes a total of 20 matches for the price of 19: 17 MLS, one international friendly and two CONCACAF Champions League. The international friendly opponent will be announced soon. Because we won the U.S. Open Cup, we have qualified for CONCACAF Champions League. Therefore, your package will include the two group stage matches, for the price of one.

Can I relocate my seats for this season?

Every season ticket member will have the opportunity to view relocation options through our interactive seating map. To participate in our Seat Relocation process, please submit your upgrade request at the time of your renewal either online or through a representative. The upgrade process will take place online in mid-October.

Can I add seats to my account?

There is potential to add seats. Options will be based on availability. To participate in our Additional Seat process, please submit your request at the time of your renewal either online or through a representative. Once your request is submitted, your representative will reach out to you in mid-October to discuss seat availability.

Can I purchase a full season parking pass?

There is potential to purchase a full season parking pass. Options will be based on availability. The North Lot will not be available. To participate in our parking pass allocation process, please submit your request at the time of your renewal.

What if I would like to purchase Accessible Seating?

CenturyLink Stadium provides accessible and wheelchair convertible seats located throughout the stadium in a variety of price levels and viewpoints. These tickets are available as a season ticket purchase. If you would like to relocate in/out of ADA seating or add ADA seats to your season ticket package, please contact an account representative at 877-MLS-GOAL with your request.

Can I get paper tickets instead of a MatchPass?

Sounders FC Season Ticket Members will be exclusively using MatchPass for the 2015 season. MatchPass provides rewards and benefits that paper tickets cannot! For more information on MatchPass, click here. If you share tickets with others, you can print or forward the tickets to your seat partner using your online account manager.

Can I designate different names on the MatchPass cards?

Yes. You will be able to designate your seats in November. You will receive an email where you can designate seat owners, list any supporter group affiliation and update your address for ticket mailing.

What is CONCACAF and why is it included in my season ticket package?

CONCACAF is the Champions League for North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Because we won the U.S. Open Cup during the 2014 season, we qualified for this tournament during the 2015 season. The winner of the Champions League qualifies for the FIFA Club World Cup. By entering into CONCACAF, it gives our team a chance to play on an international stage and compete with the best. We want our most faithful, our season ticket members, to be in their seats supporting us as the team works towards this goal.

 Season Ticket Member FAQs

Can I get a replacement MatchPass card if mine was lost or stolen?

Yes, we are able to get your MatchPass replaced for you as long as no action has been done on future matches, ex: transfers or posting tickets for sale. If future matches have been sold or transferred, we are unable to replace the MatchPass, but you are able to print tickets or use mobile entry via your online account manager. We do charge a $10 replacement fee for a MatchPass replacement.

Why do my tickets list “Printed by Box Office” on my online Account Manager?

When your tickets list this, it means that your MatchPasses were printed out by the Box Office. All seats will list this until you do an action on the tickets (print, transfer or resell). Regardless of the text, your tickets are available to be managed.

How do I get my Sounders FC account credit?

You are able to get your Sounders FC Account Credit either applied to your 2016 Season Tickets or can have it refunded back to you once per season. If you sell your tickets through the exchange, you are able to have the money from the sale directly deposited into your bank account. Resale credit from selling your tickets on Sounders Ticket Exchange will not be automatically applied to your 2016 Sounders season tickets, so if you would like that amount to be applied, please put in the request with your account representative.

When do my 2015 MatchPass points expire?

Your MatchPass points that you had accumulated over the 2015 season will expire at the end of the year, December 31st.

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