2018 Honorary Team Captain Roster

Meet Sounders FC 2018 Honorary Team Captains

March 1 – Izaiah Trillas, age 7
Izaiah was diagnosed in with High Risk Pre B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Philadelphia Like and CRLF2. He has had 30 blood and platelet transfusions in his last 10 months of treatment is in the Maintenance Phase. Izaiah loves video games, Legos and jumping on the trampoline.

March 4 – Roarke Hufford, age 12
Roarke was diagnosed in November 2017 with a malignant Germinoma brain tumor. He has finished chemo and will begin proton radiation for 6 weeks. Roarke is in the 7th grade and runs on the middle school cross country team and loves skiing.

March 7 – Savannah McIntosh, age 7
Savannah was just 3 years old when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Now at 7 years old she has finished treatment and is doing well! Savannah’s favorite sports are football and soccer!

March 31 – Sienna Braun, age 10
Sienna was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2014. After almost 14 months of being cancer free her cancer came back but she battled hard again, and after receiving a bone marrow transplant she is now doing very well! Sienna is now 10 years old and enjoying 4th grade.

April 22 – Marcus Parrish, age 10
Two days before his 10th birthday, Marcus was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL. Through it all, Marcus has a warm heart and positive attitude. He loves a number of sports, Legos, and “nerf gun wars”.

May 5 – Xavier Crowe, age 6
Xavier was diagnosed with Burkett’s Lymphoma Leukemia at the age of five. Often, his cancer was so aggressive that his tumors would double in size in just 24 hours. Now at the age of 6, Xavier is showing no signs of cancer. His favorite sports are soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and break dancing!

May 26 – Avery Reyes, age 7
Avery was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor at the age of 4, but has been cancer free for 3 years! Avery loves crafting, swimming, and playing with her sister Emma.

June 9 – Haley Marston, age 12
In 2015, Haley was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent 2 and a half years of intensive treatment. During this difficult time, she chose to advocate for the leukemia and lymphoma society, helping raise 230,000 dollars!

June 23 – Alyssa Wendell, age 9
When Alyssa was 1, she was diagnosed with leukemia and received treatment. After years in remission, Alyssa relapsed in 2015. That year, she received a bone marrow transplant from her brother Jacob!

June 30 – Nathan Falk, age 9
When Nathan was 3, he was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and underwent 2 years of chemo. Now at 9 years old he is cancer free!

July 21 – Connor Arnold, age 9
Conner was 4 when he developed a cough, which led to a diagnosis of Ewing’s Sarcoma in his chest. He endured 1 year of chemo which included a Bone Marrow Aspirate, a Biopsy, 3 surgeries, general anesthesia 7 times, 75 days of Chemo, 156 doses of 6 different chemotherapy medicines, 67 days connected to IV fluids 24/7, 107 Clinic Visits, 42 Hospital visits, 7,874 miles driven for care, 14 times being neutropenic, 10 pain meds, 92 Pokes, 1 Chest Tube, 24 Scans, 17 neulasta shots, 11 Blood Transfusions, 4 Platelet transfusions, 4 unexpected trips to the ER, 4 fevers that required a trip to the hospital, 26 Overnight hospital stays, 1 night in the PICU, an ambulance ride, and a care-flight. He loves MindCraft. His favorites sports are Soccer, Hockey, Football, Bowling, Racing, Baseball (in that order). He is now 9 years old and cancer free!

July 29 – Isaac Bridges, age 8
After six months of worsening balance, vision and headaches, Isaac was diagnosed with a juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma (JPA) brain tumor around his third birthday. He went through brain surgeries and chemotherapy over the next 18 months. He relapsed at age six, necessitating another surgery and year-long chemotherapy regimen. His tumor is currently stable, and Isaac undergoes quarterly MRIs to monitor the tumor's (lack of) progress. Isaac loves reading and logic puzzles. His favorites sports are soccer and basketball!

Aug. 12 – Trystian Nusser, age 9
Trystian was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia about a month before his third birthday in May 2012. After receiving treatment for more than three years, he was declared in full remission in July 2015. He is now 9 years old and thriving post-cancer! He loves to play sports, read, and play piano. His parents are Jeff and Sarah, and he has two brothers, Joshua (11) and Atticus (6).

Aug. 18 – Zachary Gutenkauf, age 10
Zachary was diagnosed with high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia on April 15th, 2010. He was on chemotherapy for 3 years 3 months and 6 days. He endured countless spinal taps, bone and bone marrow removal several times, daily chemo at home as well as at the hospital and losing his hair 3 times. All of this to save his life and he is such a strong amazing young man. Zachary enjoys all sports. He also likes to build Legos and create obstacle courses. Zachary has taught the people around him more than they could have imagined. He is so caring, loving, and an overall great kid!

Sept. 1 – Amy Lin, age 11
Amy is 11 years old and from Edmonds, WA. She was diagnosed with leukemia (AML) in July 2015 when she was 8. She was treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital where she received a bone marrow transplant in November 2015. She was inpatient for almost six months, then spent a year recovering at home, but finally returned to school in the middle of her 5th grade year. She is now approaching 3 years post-transplant and doing very well. Moving on to middle school next fall! She loves soccer, curling, theater and playing the violin.

Sept. 19 – Noah Ferguson, age 11
Noah was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia in December 2015. He did three rounds of chemo and was not able to achieve remission. In April 2016, Noah was transferred to Seattle Children’s hospital to receive a bone marrow transplant. The transplant was successful, but came with a host of complications. Some of those complications still impact Noah to this day. He was hospitalized for 118 days straight following the transplant and needed weekly therapy for months after to strength his body. Today, he is 2 years and 4 months free of leukemia. Noah’s favorite sports are soccer and golf! He love the Sounders - his favorite players are Stefan Frei and Cristian Roldan. He also loves video games, jumping on the trampoline and playing with his dog.

Sept. 29 – Emmanuel Toribio, age 8
Emmanuel is 8 years old and from Marysville, Wash. His cancer journey began when he started feeling pain all over his body after a soccer game in late October 2017. He was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after in November 2017. By the beginning of September, he will have finished the hardest parts of his treatment and will start a ‘maintenance treatment’ and will be given permission to go back home and go to school like a normal kid once again. All of his treatment will end by the year 2021, as they continue treating the cancer in him. Emmanuel absolutely loves soccer. He loves Seattle Sounders FC and his favorite player is Clint Dempsey. He became a big fan when he started playing soccer at age 5. Emmanuel is being treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital. 

Oct. 8  Dakota Butteris, age 9
Dakota was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in November 2017, just after his 9th birthday. The first two doctor visits we made were for a pain in his hip and rib after a soccer game and a back pain after roughhousing with his cousins. His doctor sent us home advising him to take some pain medication if the pain worsened. His pain continued, he had no energy and started throwing up everything he ate. We went to the ER at Seattle Children’s right away. Dakota needed six transfusions that day. He was at Seattle Children’s for 22 days. He missed the end of soccer season and the entire basketball season. Even with all the gifts and visits from friends and family he always ended the night with a good cry at bath time. He is a huge sports fan and plays soccer, basketball, football and baseball. Dakota is a goofball. He loves to laugh and make others laugh as well. He is loving and kind, passionate and competitive, a little stubborn sometimes too. Right now he is unable to play team sports or go to school. He is missing out on so many things most kids take for granted. We keep trying to find ways to fill those gaps so that hopefully he can forget at least sometimes that he is sick. We thank you for this opportunity to try and do that.


Oct. 28 – Garrett Brown, age 6
Garrett was diagnosed with A.L.L. leukemia on October 11, 2016. He was brought to the ER three times before his diagnosis when pain in his bones was unbearable. With A.L.L., children hit remission after the first month of chemo however, Garrett did not reach remission and was placed in the Very High Risk Category. The amount of chemo and the intensity was increased. As of February 15, 2017, his bone marrow test came back with No Evidence of Disease! However, because A.L.L. has such a high relapse rate, he has to undergo chemo for three years. Garrett still has a very long road ahead of him with his end of treatment date being in 2020. Garrett is six years old and loves to play air guitar, sing and go to school. His passion is sports and his favorites are basketball, soccer, baseball, and golf. He loves sports so much that when he grows up he wants to be a coach just like his dad. Garrett has been a soldier throughout this process. His positivity and resilience inspires his parents every day. 

Nov. 8 – Jack Reich, age 6
Jack is 6 years old and a Seattle native. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in September of 2017 and is currently being treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital. His total treatment length is 3 1/2 years. Jack loves Legos, video games, riding his bike and getting outside anytime he can to play sports. His favorite sports are baseball, soccer and basketball.