Charitable Donation Requests

Donation Requests

Seattle Sounders FC is committed to supporting non-profit organizations that make a positive impact in our community with a focus on using soccer as a vehicle to empower and inspire, remove barriers on and off the field and strengthen communities.  On behalf of Seattle Sounders FC, thank you for your support and continued service to better our community.

Ticket Requests

Major League Soccer places limits on a team’s use of complimentary tickets; therefore, we are not able to offer tickets as a charitable donation.  If you wish to organize a ticket fundraiser for your organization, please contact a Sounders FC Group Tickets Sales Rep and learn more about group ticket fundraisers here.

Individual Autographed Items and Fan Mail

Please do not send personal items to the front office as staff members are unable to intervene on behalf of fans seeking autographs for personal or charitable purposes.  Items will not be returned.  Sounders FC is not responsible for any lost, misplaced, or damaged items.

In-Kind Donation Requests

Verified 501(c)(3) organizations may apply for donations to support charitable fundraising initiatives.  Donations are in the form of in-kind memorabilia.  Due to the large volume of donation requests we receive annually, the following guidelines have been established.  Please be aware that we attempt to fulfill as many requests as possible but cannot guarantee that every request that meets these guidelines will be fulfilled. 

Sounders FC Donation Request Guidelines

  • All requests must be submitted through the online system.
  • Requests must be received at least six weeks prior to the scheduled event date.
  • Organization must be within a 75-mile radius of CenturyLink Field.
  • The organization must be a charitable, 501(c)(3) organization and include a tax ID number.
  • Organizations are limited to one request per calendar year.
  • We do not donate to third parties fundraising on behalf of another organization.
  • Organizations are expected to report back with the amount raised from our donation.
  • Completion of the form does not guarantee a donation.
  • Organizations are expected to pick up approved items from Sounders FC offices in Seattle, WA. The person picking up your organization's donation item must present the confirmation e-mail with organization name and with approved autographed item listed.

Before submitting a donation request, please note Sounders FC do not provide or accept the following:

  • Monetary sponsorships of any kind.
  • Donations to benefit individual fundraisers for national campaigns.
  • Items to be autographed.
  • Donations for use as door prizes, giveaways or volunteer recognition
  • Donations to benefit religious or political organizations. 
  • Donate to organizations soliciting requests on behalf of a third party (all requests must be received directly from the charity).
  • Donations to individual schools, parent/teacher associations or school boosters. 
  • Donations to club organizations (e.g., Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scout Troops, Rotary Clubs).


Please allow 2-3 weeks for a response to your donation request.