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we are all sounders

A letter from sounders fc

Dear Sounders Family,

Sounders FC has deep roots in our community.  We have marched with you for equality at the Pride Parade, we have planted trees with you to offset our emissions, we have partnered to bring joy and strength to the youngest among us who are fighting for their lives.  All of those moments have enriched us and unified us. 

This year has forced us all to look at the world anew—to face uncomfortable truths in our community, and in doing so galvanize us to act.  Our Sounders FC players, staff, and leadership, together with community partners have spent countless hours this summer listening to each other and discussing the effects of systemic racism, addressing inequality, and most importantly, the collective resolve to do more, to be part of changing our community to be a more just place to live.  All of the moments we have created, all of the lives enriched, and opportunities to unify, can do more through Sounders FC if we are driving toward that change.

As summer closes, the time for change is now.  Our collective resolve has settled on a social justice framework, rooted in core beliefs and identifying four arenas for change, to guide our actions now and in the future. Our roots in this community run deep—and change, real systemic change will require all of us, our entire Sounders FC Family. 

we believe:

Every person, voting in every election, every time is necessary for change.

Education around the systemic impacts of bias is necessary for change.

The right to play is a human right.

Everyone deserves environmental justice.

together we:

Handwalla Bwana BLM

Fight Racism

RAVE Fields

Defend The Right To Play

March For Pride Scarf

Stand For LGBTQ+ Equality

Sounders Tree Planting Event

Protect Our Planet

we Promise to:

Use our platform to elevate individuals, organizations and experts, and to listen to those voices.

Act in support of inclusion, tolerance and justice in our community.

Acknowledge our individual and organizational biases to change our actions.

Recruit, hire, train and develop diverse talent, representative of our community.

Convene and collaborate with organizations to achieve change.

Center our efforts on youth in communities of color and in historically marginalized communities.


We are committing today to devote our time, talents and resources to an action plan for change.  That comprehensive work will take time—we want to be consistent and accountable to our community for our work, including internally talent development and education and training for staff and players.  However, taking that time does not preclude us from taking action now.  In the coming months we are focusing our efforts as follows:

  • Voting in every election, every time, is necessary for change.  We have the power to raise our voices and be counted more this year than in any other year, by voting and filling out the census.  After this year’s election, we will turn our attention to 2021 and partner to increase odd year election turnout.
  • As students go back to school virtually, being physically active is essential.  For youth in many of our communities—especially in BIPOC communities where systemic, intergenerational effects of racism mean fewer safe places to play—that need is greater.  We will open 4 new mini-pitches through RAVE Foundation and redouble our efforts to make sure kids have a ball to encourage them to get out and play.  We will also work to ensure that all kids have access to the internet for their schoolwork and other basic needs while our region is still affected by Covid-19.


Join us, this is only the beginning. We are all Sounders. Together we will make change. 




All of us at Sounders FC