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The Seattle Sounders FC Relief Fund (“Fund”) was established by RAVE Foundation to support individuals, small businesses and nonprofits located in CenturyLink Field and in the neighborhoods surrounding CenturyLink Field that have been adversely impacted by the postponement of the 2020 MLS season due to COVID-19. These neighborhoods include SODO, Pioneer Square and Chinatown-International District.

Press Release

The fund is intended to support a range of needs from groceries to rent assistance and monetary packages that will fund the following priorities:

  • Direct support of resources to shift workers and service providers in and around CenturyLink Field, and in neighborhood businesses that support and serve fans on matchday.
  • Direct resources to small business owners to pay their critical expenses during this crisis so that they can stay in business and keep their doors open.
  • Direct resources to non-profits that serve and support individuals and small businesses in the South Downtown neighborhoods of SoDo, Pioneer Square and the Chinatown-International District.


Eligible individuals and small businesses are invited to apply through this website (see links to applications below)

  • Applications will be reviewed for completeness and all complete eligible applications will be provided to the Fund Review Committee in a timely manner.
  • The Fund Review Committee will make recommendations to fund some or all complete eligible individual and small business applications received during the grant period.
  • Any applications that the Fund Review Committee elects not to fund during a given grant period will automatically roll over to the next grant period (there is no need to re-apply).
  • All awards for individuals and small businesses will be contingent upon available funds
  • RAVE Foundation reserves the right to modify or update the program rules, process and procedures at any time or terminate the Fund at any time.
  • During each grant period, the Fund Review Committee may, at its discretion and subject to available funds, identify a minimum of one (1) non-profit organization serving individuals and/or small businesses in the three listed neighborhoods for a discretionary grant from the Fund.
  • The current grant window closes on July 15.

Grant Proceeds:

  • Grants to individuals and small businesses shall be made on a rolling and ongoing basis contingent upon available funds
  • Individuals may request up to $1000 and small businesses may request up to $7500 in their applications.  The Fund Review Committee reserves the right to grant less than the amount requested at their discretion and control.
  • Grant proceeds cannot be used by individuals as wage replacement
  • Grant proceeds to individuals can only be used to fund basic necessities, like food, housing, health care or child care expenses, and the like
  • Grant proceeds to small businesses can only be used for necessary operating expenses to stabilize the business, like rent, utility and insurance payments, and payroll expenses
  • The Fund Review Committee reserves the right to require additional paperwork or a needs assessment to be conducted for either an individual or small business prior to making a determination about a grant award
  • Any attempt to misrepresent need at any point during the application or review process will make the applicant ineligible and a grant will not be awarded


DATA Privacy and Consent to Share Information:

By applying for any grant from the Fund, the applicant recognizes and agrees that they are voluntarily providing information about themselves, their finances, and other pieces of information that may be considered personally identifiable information, financial information and/or health related information (“Applicant Data”).  Applicant further recognizes and agrees that they must provide all non-optional information in order to be considered for a grant from the Fund and a failure to provide all non-optional information will result in an in-complete application that is ineligible.  Applicant shall provide Applicant Data through a web-based survey tool controlled by Seattle Sounders FC and Major League Soccer, LLC.  Sounders FC shall provide all Applicant Data directly to RAVE Foundation.   Applicant is providing Applicant Data solely for the purposes of evaluating applicant’s eligibility to receive a grant from the Fund, reviewing the application and its sufficiency (which may include a request for additional information or substantiating documents from the applicant), and awarding of a grant.  Sounders FC shall not use any Applicant Data for any purpose other than provided int his paragraph, and shall not retain any Applicant Data after it has been transferred to RAVE Foundation consistent with this paragraph.  RAVE Foundation is participating in a data sharing program organized, administered and managed by the City of Seattle, Office of Economic Development to track all grants to individuals and businesses in Seattle during the Covid-19 pandemic, this may include some or all of Applicant Data.  Applicant consents to RAVE Foundation sharing some or all of Applicant Data with the City of Seattle for this purpose.  The applicant further consents to the sharing of Applicant Data by and between RAVE Foundation employees and volunteers.  To the extent RAVE Foundation utilizes a third party financial institution or payment services provider to administer and fulfill any individual or small business grants, applicant likewise consents to RAVE Foundation sharing those portions of Applicant Data necessary to process payment of awarded grants. 


Individuals (including independent contractors) and small businesses may apply one (1) time every calendar month and receipt of a grant award in a previous month will not make an applicant ineligible.


  • Eligible individuals include the following (all factors must be true):
    • Any person who was laid off, furloughed, or experienced a reduction in hours since March 1, 2020 because of the Covid-19 global pandemic
    • The person’s place of employment is/was a business staffing Sounders FC events and activities at CenturyLink Field, a business located in one of the three listed neighborhoods that is regularly open to fans attending matches and events at CenturyLink Field
    • As the result of the reduction of hours or furlough or lay off from workCovid-19 global pandemic, the person has been negatively impacted and is unable to pay for reasonable and necessary living expenses and can substantiate that need if required
    • The person is not seeking a grant from the Fund as wage replacement
    • The person is not seeking a grant to cover an expense that will be reimbursed by insurance
SFC Relief Fund – Individual Application

Small Businesses

  • Eligible small businesses include the following (all factors must be true):
    • Any small business which meets one or more of the following:
      • Operates a permanent location in Pioneer Square, Chinatown-International District or SODO
      • Operates a temporary location, as permitted by the City of Seattle or as a vendor under contract with CenturyLink or its tenants, in support of CenturyLink Field events on event days including Sounders FC matches
      • Operates a business which provides direct services in support of Sounders FC business or technical operations
    • The small business regularly operates in hours and service of fans and event goers for Sounders FC matches and other events that take place at CenturyLink Field
    • As the result of the Covid-19 global pandemic the small business has had to reduce operations or close entirely and has been significantly negatively impacted
    • As the result of the closures or reductions in operations, the small business is unable to pay reasonable and necessary operating expenses, including but not limited to payroll, rent, insurance, utilities, and the like, and could substantiate that need upon request
    • The small business seeking a grant from the Fund is not eligible for nor has received other grants, loans or income (whether taxable or not) for the entirety of the need claimed through this application to the Fund
    • The small business is not seeking a grant to cover an expense that will be reimbursed by insurance
SFC Relief Fund – Small Business Application

NOTE: Sole proprietors may apply as an individual or small business (but not both) and independent contractors should apply as an “Individual” to the Fund.


Due to a high volume of requests, it may take several weeks to receive a response.

Questions?  Please email