now accepting card payments only

In an effort to boost guest experience through faster transaction times and more efficient sales processes, Lumen Field has announced a transition to cashless operations for sales transactions at the stadium, the Lumen Field Event Center and WAMU Theater. All concessions, retail and on-site parking will now only accept credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Press Release


 1. Why is Lumen Field moving to cashless operations?

Lumen Field is continually looking at new technology and innovative ways to improve guest experience. Cashless operations mean faster and more efficient sales processes. The main goal for this change is to benefit guests, allowing them to quickly make their purchase and get back to their event faster.  It also allows stadium staff to spend more time engaging with guests instead of being focused on counting cash and making change.   

 2. What events will be cashless?

All events moving forward – any event at the stadium, event center and WAMU Theater will be cashless. This includes Sounders matches, Seahawks and XFL games, concerts, and show events such as the Home Show, Auto Show, etc. 

 3. Is the entire stadium cashless?

On match or event days, all concessions, parking, and retail will accept card purchases only.  The stadium will continue to have roaming vendors (hawkers) and they will all be equipped with card swipers as well.  

Exceptions will be the box office and third-party vendors hosting events inside the Lumen Field Event Center or WAMU Theater and selling merchandise (ex: consumer trade show vendors). These will still accept cash on event days

 4. What do guests do if they only have cash?

There will be 10 cash-to-card kiosks around the stadium and event center. Attendees with cash who do not a valid credit or debit card can insert their cash into the self-service kiosk and get a prepaid card back.   

You can load any amount of money from $1 up to $500 per card and there is no transaction fee. The cards can be used inside or outside the stadium; so, if you have money left after an event, take the card with you and use it everywhere major cards are accepted.   

Cash-to-card kiosks will be located:

  • Field Plaza (Sections 138 & 131)  
  • Main Concourse (Sections 103 & 119)  
  • Club Level (Sections 213 & 231)  
  • Upper Level (Sections 304, 330 & 340)  
  • Lumen Field Event Center/WAMU Theater  
 5. What if guests want to purchase tickets with cash at the box office?

The box office will still accept cash on both non-event and event days.

 6. Can guests get a refund on the prepaid card if they don’t use all the money at the event?

Refunds are not possible as these cards can be used both inside the stadium and outside the venue everywhere that accepts major cards.

 7. Are there set increments that are allowed when getting a card?

No, you can load any amount of money from $1 up to $500 per card. Machines only accept U.S. dollar bills though. No foreign currency or change will be accepted.

 8. What if guests have an issue with the machine?

If you have trouble, full-time staff will be nearby to help, or you can ask for help at the nearest Guest Link location. Guest Link stands are located:  

  • SW Field Plaza (Section 130) 
  • Main (Section 101) 
  • Main (Section 127) 
  • Club Level, outside the Verizon Lounge 
  • Suite Concierge Desk 
  • Upper Concourse Section 318 
  • Event Center (When in use) 
 9. Are digital forms of payment, like Apply pay, still available?

Apple Pay is available at all Pro Shop locations and all Club level food & beverage locations.

 10. Are the prepaid cards reloadable?

Like other anonymous prepaid cards, these cards are not reloadable.

 11. How will guests know how much money is left on their prepaid card?

They can check their card balance anytime, anywhere by dialing the number printed on the back of the card.

 12. What if a guest loses the prepaid card?

Losing the card is like losing cash – except you have a receipt! If you have your receipt, you can call the number printed on it and a Customer Service Representative from the card company will be able to help you.

 13. Where can the prepaid cards be used outside the stadium?

You can use this card everywhere prepaid cards are accepted.