Keller Reads Hotel For Dogs Image

Kasey reads Hotel for Dogs

Kasey Keller takes some time out of his busy schedule to read the book Hotel for Dogs at Lincoln Square Cinemas

Someone must have read books to SoundersFC goal keeper Kasey Keller when he was a little boy because he’s a natural at it today.

A couple of weeks ago Kasey played host to a group of children at Lincoln Square Theatre in Bellevue prior to a special preview showing of the movie, “Hotel For Dogs.”

To fully prepare the young people for the movie the four time world cup goal keeper read excerpts from the book by the same name. “The book came first, then the movie and then a book about the movie, that’s what I’m reading today,” Kasey explained after reading to the young fans.

“I enjoy doing this. It’s a good story and it’s for a good cause,” said Kasey. He was right on the mark on both points since the event helped benefit the Seattle, King County Humane Society.

When asked about the story line for the book and movie Kasey said with a smile, “It’s about two kids who can’t have a dog and decide to do something about it, that’s all I’m going to say, I don’t want to give the story away.”

When asked if we might hear him read at another event Kasey said, “sure, this was fun, I’d do it again.”