North End Faithful

North End Faithful (NEF) is a Sounders FC supporter group located in the north end of CenturyLink Field.  If you loved the Frankenstein tifo on Halloween 2010; if you thought the streamers were great at the 2010 USOC final; if you like to stand, chant, sing, wave flags, create tifo, and generally create a positive, intense atmosphere, NEF is the group for you!

Mission Statement

To fill the north end of CenturyLink Field with the loudest, proudest, and most faithful fans of Sounders FC. With the use of chants, drums, flags, streamers, confetti, and banners, we promise to cheer on our beloved Sounders FC and rattle the nerves of our opponents when they are in the north end of CenturyLink.


North end of CenturyLink Field, including not only the north end zone, but the north ends of both the east and west sides of CenturyLink as well.


You can expect members of NEF to be standing the entire match, while chanting, jumping, drumming, waving flags, hanging banners, all in an effort to create a positive yet intense atmosphere. You also can also expect NEF to host pre- and post-match celebrations for home matches, as well as organizing viewings and traveling support for away matches.

Please join us at and check back often for the latest NEF updates!.