Starfire Staff

Team Staff

  • Team Administration Director
  • Team Services Director
  • Corey Sinser
    Manager, S2 Player Relations 
  • Tom Childs
    Video Analyst
  • Sean Muldoon
    Assistant Strength Coach/Sport Scientist
  • Director of Equipment Operations
  • Mitch Carnefix
    Equipment Manager, S2
  • Andrew Carlin
    Equipment Intern
  • Chief Medical Officer / Team Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Lance Larson M.D.
    Internal Medicine Physician
  • Jason Norsen M.D.
    Internal Medicine Physician
  • Director of Sports Medicine & Head Athletic Trainer
  • Paul Lombardo
    Lead Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Hilary Obert
    Physical Therapist
  • Jake Bronowski
    Massage Therapist
  • Joe Montgomery
    S2 Athletic Trainer
  • Forrest Hartford
    Chiropractor / Active Release Provider
  • Gene Ramirez
    Team Security and Player Relocation


  • Lauren Babcock
    Academy Administrator
  • Chris Little
    Academy Director of Coaching & U-17 Head Coach
  • Michael Morris
    U-16 Head Coach
  • Sean Henderson
    U-15 Head Coach
  • Josh Ford
    Academy & S2 Goalkeeper Coach
  • Brayton Knapp
    Sounders Discovery Program Manager and U-12 Coach
  • Sheila Tatsunami
    Academy Head Athletic Trainer
  • Dan Lock
    Head of Affiliations and Club Partnership Development
  • Henry Brauner
    Head of Recruitment
  • Anthony Hazelwood
    Academy Sports Performance Coach
  • Diane Carney
    Head of Education and Welfare