Youth Development Program FAQs

 It says on your website all ages train from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. Will players be split up into groups?

Yes, the players will be split up into groups based on their age. For example, we would place all the 10/11 year olds together for the session. We will not group 8 year olds with the 14 year olds.

 When you split the groups up, how many kids are together with a coach?

We will split the players up by age and we aim to have a ratio of 10 players per coach.

 What time is check-in?

Check in for YDP will be 15 minutes before the first Friday session of the course.

 Do I need to bring my confirmation email?

No. The confirmation email is for your records.

 What is my player required to wear/bring?

Players should wear proper soccer footwear. Starfire Sports Complex is an artificial field turf surface. Cleats/turf shoes are acceptable. Players should wear shin guards. We require that the players wear their Sounders FC Youth Development Program T-Shirt to EVERY training. They will be given this T-Shirt on the first day of the session. Remember to bring plenty of water to hydrate during and after the session.

 Who do you recommend for Sounders FC YDP?

Sounders FC YDP is ideal for the serious young soccer player with a desire to push their game to the next level. YDP is designed for the select to premier level player but is open to ALL players with a desire to improve. This program is ideal for players who want to receive extra training, whether it’s to prepare for tryouts, state cup, league play, or RTC. All players who have a desire to receive extra training in a focused environment are welcome!

 What is your philosophy?

Sounders FC YDP aims to provide top level coaching and training for players who want to go beyond their current soccer training experience. Players are developed through proper technical training, motivation, and constant constructive feedback. It is our goal to maximize the potential of all players in our program and help them achieve their goals within the game, no matter what level that may be.

 Do you take walk up registrations?

Yes, as long as the session is not listed as “Closed” on the website. You can write a check out to Sounders FC, pay in cash, or provide credit card information on the first session of the course.

 Can my child join a camp a few days late?

If you decide to sign up late, we will pro-rate the cost accordingly.

 What happens in the case of lightening, thunder or rain?

In the case of lightning and thunder we will take campers to a safe indoor area. If lightning and thunder persist, we will call emergency contact numbers, so your child can be picked up from camp. In the case of heavy rain; we will continue camp as planned. (Please bring appropriate clothing for this scenario: Coat, or warm up pants.)

 My child has a medical condition, should I tell someone?

Yes. If your child has a severe allergy and must carry an EpiPen please let the YDP director know on the first day of the session. Also it is important to let the camp director and coaches know of any medications or inhalers need to be taken during training hours.

 What is your refund policy?

Cancellation before the course begins:

  • The Camp Fee will be refunded, less a $40 Non-Refundable Administrative fee per participant, if cancellation is received prior to the beginning of the first session; or
    -The participant will be placed in another course at a future date at no additional cost. 

Cancellation after the course begins:

  • If cancellation is received after the course begins, no portion of the YDP Fee will be refunded for any reason other than an injury or sickness (with a Doctor’s note). In such case, the YDP Fee, minus the $40 Administrative Fee, will be refunded on a prorated basis as determined by the number of sessions missed.
 Who do I contact with questions?

Michael Morris or call the Sounders FC Camps Customer Service Line: 206-512-1236