Sounders FC Front Office

Ownership & Senior Management

Team Staff

  • Team Administration Director
  • Team Services Director
  • Kate Norton
    S2 Administrator
  • Ravi Ramineni
    Sports Science Data Analyst
  • Sean Muldoon
    Assistant Strength Coach/Sport Scientist
  • Director of Equipment Operations
  • Scott Tranilla
    First Team Equipment Manager
  • Chief Medical Director / Team Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Lance Larson M.D.
    Internal Medicine Physician
  • Jason Norsen M.D.
    Internal Medicine Physician
  • Director of Sports Medicine & Head Athletic Trainer
  • Paul Lombardo
    Lead Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Aki Tajima
    Assistant Athletic Trainer & Rehab Coordinator
  • Jake Bronowski
    Massage Therapist
  • Joe Montgomery
    S2 Athletic Trainer
  • Forrest Hartford
    Chiropractor / Active Release Provider
  • Delaney Farmer
    Massage Therapist
  • Michelle Renati
    Massage Therapist
  • Gene Ramirez
    Team Security and Player Relocation


  • Academy Technical Director
  • Wade Webber
    U-18 Academy Head Coach
  • Michael Morris
    U-15 Coach
  • Sean Henderson
    U-14 Coach
  • Josh Ford
    Academy Goalkeeper Coach
  • Brayton Knapp
    Sounders Discovery Program Manager and U-12 Coach
  • Sheila Tatsunami
    Academy Head of Rehab and Sports Science
  • Dan Lock
    Head of Affiliations and Club Partnership Development
  • Lauren Babcock
    Academy Administrator


  • Vice President of Administration
  • Victoria Bjodstrup
    Office Administrator
  • Consultant
  • Julia De Simone
    Payroll and Benefits Manager

Business Operations

Business Strategy and Development

  • Ryan Gustafson
    VP of Business Strategy & Development
  • Peter Wiggum
    Business Analyst

Suites and Premium Sales

  • Emily Schultz
    Suite Services manager
  • Andrew Scott
    Suite Sales Executive


  • Director of Broadcasting
  • Jackie Montgomery
    Broadcast Reporter
  • Keith Costigan
    Play-by-Play Broadcaster
  • Kasey Keller
    Broadcast Analyst
  • Matt Johnson
    Broadcast Commentator


  • Senior Director of Communications
  • Kelly Schutz
    Communications Manager
  • Matt Winter
    Team Communications Manager
  • Danny Ciaccio
    Communications Coordinator

Digital Media

  • Bryan Babcock
    Digital Media Video Producer
  • JoLynne Bremmer
    Digital Media Manager
  • Ryan Krasnoo
    Senior Digital Media Coordinator

Partnership Marketing

  • Michael Shockley
    VP of Corporate Partnerships
  • Director, Partnership Marketing
  • Christine Schmid
    Senior Account Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Nikki Goldweitz
    Account Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Lauren Griswold
    Account Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • JT Newton
    Coordinator of Corporate Partnership Operations & Research

Corporate Partnership Sales

  • Mike Hettick
    Director of Corporate Partnership Sales
  • Chris Savio
    Director of Corporate Partnership Sales
  • Stacy Slade
    Director of Corporate Partnership Sales


  • Vice President of Finance
  • Shelby Smith
  • Michelle Olson
    Staff Accountant

Gameday Presentation and Events

  • Todd Albright
    Director of Game Presentation and Events
  • Jessica Hancock
    Manager of Gameday Entertainment
  • Dalia Bader
    Events Coordinator

Information Technology

  • Joe Welsh
    Systems Administrator
  • James Milgate
    Senior Application Developer



  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing & Digital
  • Kristi Bruner
    Consumer Marketing Manager
  • Robert Casner
    Brand Marketing Manager
  • Alfonso Colin
    Marketing Manager
  • Sarah Johnson
    Consumer Marketing Coordinator
  • Alex Preston
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Tyler Kreft
    Graphic Designer
  • Dan Beltran
    Graphic Design Coordinator
  • Hannah Gwazdauskas
    Event Marketing Coordinator

Community Outreach and RAVE Foundation

  • Executive Director
  • Kimberly Aigner
    Director of Community Outreach
  • Katie Pendleton
    Community Outreach Coordinator

Retail Operations

  • First & Goal, Inc.
    Retail Operations

Ticket Operations, Sales & Service

  • Theo Hodges
    VP of Ticket Sales and Service
  • Mino Solomon
    Director of Premium Sales and New Memberships
  • Darrin Miller
    Director of Ticket Operations
  • Blaine Uhlman
    Ticket Operations Manager
  • Director of Membership Engagement and Retention
  • Andrew Sarcona
    Manager of New Memberships
  • Karen Erdmann
    Manager of Group Experiences
  • Jordan Fishback
    New Membership Consultant
  • Michelle Sondheim
    New Membership Consultant
  • Ben Nguy
    New Membership Consultant
  • Arthur Warner-Kamsler
    New Membership Consultant
  • Seth Zimmermann
    New Membership Consultant
  • Jesse Shikiar
    New Membership Consultant
  • Frank Moreno
    Senior Group Experience Consultant
  • Nick Addis
    Group Experience Consultant
  • Taylor Franich
    Group Experience Consultant
  • Justin Hill
    Group Experience Consultant
  • Jordan Long
    Group Experience Consultant
  • Emily Zimmermann
    Premium Sales Executive
  • Amy Goodwin
    Senior Membership Engagement Representative
  • Ian Clark
    Membership Engagement Representative
  • Alli Dimich
    Membership Engagement Representative
  • Dan Gerrits
    Membership Engagement Representative
  • Taylor Huerta
    Membership Engagement Representative
  • Valerie Stahl
    Membership Engagement Representative
  • Andrea O'Brien
    Membership Engagement Representative
  • Lisa Welch
    Membership Engagement Representative

Soccer Programs

  • Brayton Knapp
    Director of Soccer Programs
  • David Hartshorn
    Manager of Youth Programs