Sounders FC Front Office

Ownership & Senior Management

Team Staff

  • Team Administration Director
  • Team Services Director
  • Ravi Ramineni
    Sports Science
  • Head Equipment Manager
  • Brett Johnson
    Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Scott Tranilla
    Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Chief Medical Director / Team Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Dr. Lance Larson M.D.
    Internal Medicine Physician / Stretcher Crew
  • Jason Norsen M.D.
    Internal Medicine Physician / Stretcher Crew
  • Director of Sports Medicine
  • Head Athletic Trainer
  • Paul Lombardo ATC
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Aki Tajima
    Head of Massage / Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Sheila Tatsunami
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Lew Estabrook
    Chiropractor / Stretcher Crew
  • Jim Kurtz
  • Forrest Hartford
    DC Chiropractor
  • Academy Technical Director
  • Dick McCormick
    U-18 Academy Head Coach
  • Sean Henderson
    U-16 Academy Head Coach
  • Junior Gonzalez
    U-14 Academy Head Coach/Head Scout
  • Shannon Murray
    Academy Assistant Coach
  • Julia Roberts
    Team Services Manager and Finance Liason
  • Joe Montgomery
    Academy Athletic Trainer


  • Vice President of Administration
  • Victoria Bjodstrup
    Office Administrator/Receptionist

Business Operations

  • Vice President of Business Operations
  • Director of Community Outreach
  • Director of Loyalty and Marketing Analytics
  • Consultant
  • Katie Pendleton
    Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Cam Rizzardini
    The NINETY & Loyalty Programs Coordinator
  • Peter Wiggum
    Junior Business Analyst


  • Director of Broadcasting
  • Jackie Montgomery
    Digital Media Host
  • Kasey Keller
    Broadcast Analyst


  • Senior Director of Communications
  • Matt Winter
    Communications Coordinator
  • Danny Ciaccio
    Communications Coordinator

Digital Media

  • Nick Firchau
    Director of Digital Media
  • Bryan Babcock
    Digital Media Video Producer
  • JoLynne Bremmer
    Digital Media Manager

Corporate Partnerships & Suites

  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Chris Savio
    Director of Sales - Corporate Partnerships
  • Casey Shaw
    Director of Sales - Suites & Corporate Partnerships
  • Stacy Slade
    Director of Sales - Corporate Partnerships
  • Mike Hettick
    Director of Sales - Corporate Partnerships
  • Allison Smyrl
    Client Services Manager
  • JT Newton
    Media Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
  • Kimberly Aigner
    Account Manager of Corporate Partnerships
  • Christine Schmid
    Account Manager of Corporate Partnerships
  • Emily Schultz
    Suites Services Manager
  • Andrew Scott
    Premium Sales Representative


  • Tom Riley
    Vice President of Finance
  • Shelby Smith
    Senior Accountant
  • Julia Scherzinger
    Staff Accountant
  • Scott Smith
    Finance and HR Assistant

Gameday Presentation

  • Director of Game Presentation
  • Jessica Hancock
    Manager of Gameday Entertainment
  • Jodi Hutchinson
    Game Presentation Coordinator
  • Lauren Wajerski
    Game Operations Manager, S2

Information Technology

  • Chris Bryant
    Vice President of Technology
  • Joe Welsh
    Systems Administrator



  • Kyle Sheldon
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Liz MacCool
    Marketing Communications Manager
  • Cody Pearson
    Graphic Design Manager
  • Jennifer Rose
    Graphic Design Coordinator
  • Tasha Thomas
    Marketing Manager
  • Kristi Bruner
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Hannah Gwazdauskas
    Promotions and Experiential Marketing Coordinator

Retail Operations

  • First & Goal, Inc.
    Retail Operations

Ticket Operations, Sales & Service

  • Senior Director of Ticket Sales & Service
  • Darrin Miller
    Ticket Operations Manager
  • Blaine Uhlman
    Ticket Operations Assistant Manager
  • Mikaela Purvis
    Director of Fan Relations
  • Andrew Sarcona
    Ticket Sales Manager
  • Karen Erdmann
    Group Sales Manager
  • Nick Addis
    Account Executive
  • Jordan Fishback
    Account Executive
  • Michelle Sondheim
    Account Executive
  • Sam Mitchell
    Account Executive
  • Ben Nguy
    Account Executive
  • Arthur Warner-Kamsler
    Account Executive
  • Seth Zimmermann
    Account Executive
  • Gary Boyle
    Senior Group Sales Representative
  • Nick Addis
    Group Sales Representative
  • Frank Moreno
    Group Sales Representative
  • Kylie Groetsema
    Ticket Sales Representative
  • Jesse Shikiar
    Ticket Sales Representative
  • Lea Edwards
    Senior Fan Relations Representative
  • Dan Gerrits
    Fan Relations Representative
  • Amy Goodwin
    Fan Relations Representative
  • Taylor Huerta
    Fan Relations Representative
  • Joyce Luu
    Fan Relations Representative
  • Valerie Stahl
    Fan Relations Representative

Youth Programs

  • Director of Youth Programs
  • Brayton Knapp
    Manager of Youth Programs

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