Academy Snapshot: Generation adidas Cup Qualifying 2021

The U-15 and U-17 Academy teams are headed to Norco, CA for Generation adidas Cup Qualifying, which takes place from December 3-6 during MLS NEXT Fest. The MLS NEXT fall schedule wrapped up November 14 for both Academy teams with a trip to San Jose, CA. 

“It’s been a challenging but exciting period for our teams, navigating our way around the West Region with the serious nature of travel during this lingering pandemic,” said Academy Director Gary Lewis. “We have played 10 games, 9 of them scheduled away from home. This has given our coaches the opportunity to spend more time getting to know the players individually whilst gaining valuable team bonding time and bringing the players closer together.” 

MLS NEXT divided the schedule format into League Games and Inter League games, depending on the opponents to create more diversity across the country and more playoff opportunities for all clubs. 

U-15 League Record: 4 Games played, 1-2-1 | U-15 Inter League Record: 6 Games played, 3-2-1

U15 Team 2021

U-15 Head Coach Brayton Knapp reflected on the first phase of the season: “The players have had a great approach to the fall season, working hard each day and striving to make improvements on the field, in the gym and as teammates. The fall schedule has provided different opportunities and challenges each week. I have enjoyed seeing the players' successes, their struggles, and helping them learn to adapt, to fight and overcome the challenges in front of them.” 

U-17 League Record: 4 Games played, 2-0-2 | U-17 Inter League Record: 6 Games played, 3-1-2

U17 Team 2021

“I’m absolutely delighted with the development of the U-17 group, and the individuals within it, during the first half of the season,” said U-17 head coach Steve Cooke. “More importantly their desire to compete and work hard every day, and to be great teammates to each other has been fantastic to be part of. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside the players so far, and we are really looking forward to seeing them tested and excited to watch them perform during the GA Cup.”

While there was no GA Cup in 2020 due to COVID, Sounders are ready to get back and defend their title. In 2019, our U-17’s defeated Valencia CF 1-0 in the Final, with the winning goal coming from current Tacoma Defiance player Ray Serrano. Our U-17’s previously won the GA Cup Premier Division and remain the only MLS club to win the GA Cup Champions Division.

“The GA cup has always been a key part of our player development strategy and vitally important to compete against the best teams in the US with the goal of putting our players on the same field as our global counterparts in the showpiece event in 2022," added Lewis. "It’s hard to believe that our academy won the event in 2019 and are still the current holders. This gives extra motivation to our players and staff to continue the work that has gone before us and embrace the challenge that is in front of us. We have always brought younger players to this event and that will not change this year."

20-man GA Cup Qualifying Rosters
20-man GA Cup Qualifying Rosters
Andy Chau
Wyatt Nelson
Ameer Asmath
Levi Bieber
Braulio Navarrete
Angel Martinez
Conner O’KEEFE
Stuart Hawkins
Daniel Jugurt
Victor Cabanas
Etienne Veillard
Farhan Moustafa
Erik Collins
Jayson Castillo
Hunter Anderson*
Zeth Lucero
Ibrahim Karabay
Gabe Fernandez
Jean Dadie
Jack-Ryan Jeremiah
Jiaqi Chen
Sawyer Crisostomo
Johnny Majankeka
Antonio Herrera
Jordy Dierks
Alex Hall
Kelvin-Luis Brito
Obed Vargas
Matthew DeCorte
Chris Aquino
Mitchell Emert
Patrick Dormoh
Mohammed Shour
Michael Luande
Nathen Song
Reed Baker-Whiting
Shaun Brun
Josh Hardin
Snyder Brunell
Kai Martin*
*notes guest player

“GA cup is an important competition and an incredible opportunity for our players,” said Knapp. “Each game has meaning, with every club fighting to top the group. These opportunities are vital for pushing players out of their comfort zone and I look forward to seeing how our players perform.”

GA Cup Qualifying Schedule 

All matches will be played at SilverLake Equestrian and Sports Park in Norco, CA. Live-stream information is not available at this time. 


8:00am | U-15 Kickoff vs FC Dallas (Grass 8)

12:00pm | U-17 Kickoff vs Orlando FC (Grass 6)


8:00am | U-15 Kickoff vs Charlotte FC

10:00am | U-17 Kickoff vs FC Dallas (Grass 9) 


8:00am | U-17 Kickoff vs NYCFC (Grass 8)

10:00am | U-15 Kickoff vs Toronto (Grass 7)



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