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The Clint & Oba Show: All their goals from the 2015 season so far

Clint Dempsey & Obafemi Martins 0407

Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins specialize in a number of things: backheels, backflips, one-touch passing, sweet tattoos. Just a never-ending list of cool activities.

The thing that the pair does best, though, is deposit the round adidas soccer ball into the rectangular area with a net attached to it. For the laymen: scoring goals.

So far in 2015, they've done just that and then some. Through four matches they have three scores apiece and will look to build on a very impressive 2014 that saw Martins grab 17 (a single-season club record) and Dempsey 15.

Given that all the goals have been super nice and super fun to watch (multiple times), we have compiled all six of the goals for your viewing pleasure below in everyone's favorite web-based format, the GIF. In addition, the epic call from @LIVESounders is included to provide context, if you can call it that.


Sounders FC vs New England Revolution - March 8

Clint Dempsey - 25th Minute (PK)

Yep, the Sounders' first goal of the 2015 season came from the right foot of Deuce, who absolutely blistered this penalty into the top right corner. But wait, there's more...

Obafemi Marints - 41st Minute

There's number two on the year. Oba gets UP for this header to the far corner. Love when he does things like that (scoring goals). Let's make it three, shall we?

Clint Dempsey (2) - 68th Minute

Has to be one of the team goals of the season. Am I right? That pass to that pass to that pass...all magnifique.

Sounders FC vs San Jose Earthquakes - March 14

Clint Dempsey (3) - 1st Minute

Clint kinda has this thing about scoring goals early in matches (see the 2014 FIFA World Cup). This was a nice one...and he took a shot to the kisser in the process.

Obafemi Martins (2) - 83rd Minute

Not the team's best result, but it's OK. They bounced back in a big way against Houston in their most recent league match.

Sounders FC vs Houston Dynamo - April 4

Obafemi Martins (3) - 39th Minute

Oba, you are a very bad man. Just a silly spin and shoot. As Brad Evans said, it was like CP3 out there in the paint.

Be on the lookout for more posts like this because this duo probably isn't going to stop scoring anytime soon.



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