Copa America Scenarios: Here's how the USMNT can advance in Group A

It was a must-win match and the US national team, like many times before, were able to get the job done.

Their 4-0 win against Costa Rica on Tuesday night put them in second place in Group A behind a Colombia team that has now won both of their games, after defeating Paraguay 2-1 at the Rose Bowl.

The U.S. now face a Paraguay team on Saturday night (7 pm ET; FS1/Univision/UDN) that knows they need a win to advance to the quarterfinals. The U.S. will be the team holding them back for the goal, knowing all they need is a draw. You can find the full scenarios below.

USMNT lose and ...

The US would be eliminated from Copa America. Paraguay advances to the quarterfinals with four points as the U.S. will be stuck on three.

USMNT beat Paraguay ...

The U.S. advance to the quarterfinals if they beat Paraguay. If they finish in first place in the group, they will head to Seattle to play at CenturyLink Field. If the U.S. finish second, they will head to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

USMNT draw and ...
Colombia beat Costa Rica…

The U.S. would advance to the quarterfinals, finishing second place in the group.

Colombia and Costa Rica draw…

The U.S. would advance to the quarterfinals, finishing second place in the group.

Costa Rica beat Colombia…

This would be the trickiest outcome for U.S. fans. The U.S. would advance if Costa Rica are unable to win by 6-plus goals. Costa Rica would advance if they win by 6-plus goals.



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