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Flickiify's Starting XI in eMLS Cup includes Clint Dempsey, Kelvin Leerdam, David de Gea and others

Flickiify Starting XI

The first eMLS Cup begins Thursday at the PAX East event in Boston with 19 gamers including the Seattle Sounders' Jason "Flickiify" Flick. Take a look at the lineup selected by the University of Washington student and his though process behind each selection.

Flickiify's Starting XI in eMLS Cup includes Clint Dempsey, Kelvin Leerdam, David de Gea and others -

Bench players: Osvaldo Alonso, Nicolás Lodeiro, Josef Martínez, Dani Alves, Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar, Lionel Messi, César Azpilicueta, James Rodríguez, Eden Hazard, Harry Kane.

Why I picked each Sounders player:

Clint Dempsey (Starting XI): Being the highest rated Sounders player in FIFA 18, I knew that I wanted to find a place for Dempsey in my squad. He offers a versatile attacking option with his ability to shoot, pass and dribble.
Kelvin Leerdam (Starting XI): Leerdam has well-rounded attributes, which is crucial for a fullback. I'm counting on his ability to defend, but also to provide a wide option and contribute to my attack.
Nicolás Lodeiro (Substitute): Lodeiro is a playmaker that can add some flair to my gameplay. If I find myself in need of a creative option late in matches, Nico will be my go-to player.
Osvaldo Alonso (Substitute): Alonso boasts some balanced statistics, which will help me see out results. He's resourceful enough to be used as a midfielder, but also as a defender if needed.
Víctor Rodríguez (Reserve): Rodríguez is a quicker attacking threat, compared to my previous selections. I may look to feature him in games where I try to play a more direct playstyle.

Overall playstyle:

I prefer to play a direct playstyle that sees the majority of my chance creation come from my attacking midfielder and strikers. Playing quicker than your opponent allows you to control the momentum of the match and often results in them making errors in their gameplay. With that said, I've played enough FIFA over the years that I can recognize when a change is needed, and adapt to a different formation or playstyle.



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