Gustav Svensson celebrates 2017-07-20

When the Rave Green signed midfielder Gustav Svensson in January 2017, Sounders fans didn’t really know what to expect. A then-29-year-old from Sweden, he previously played for six professional clubs, including stints in Turkey, Ukraine and China.

No one could have quite imagined, though, how effective Svensson would be in Seattle. Whether it was at center back, right back or in the defensive midfield, Svensson was a versatile presence during the 2017 campaign. Furthermore, he brought in a charismatic personality to the locker room.

Even after a full year in Seattle, do we really know what’s going on in that brain of his? Let’s scratch the surface.

Gustav Thought #1: Domestic players are friendlier in MLS

“The biggest difference between here and the other clubs I’ve played with is the domestic players, the American players, are very friendly. With many other teams, there is a divide between the foreigners and the domestic players, but here it’s not really like that. It’s really easy to be a part of the group. That was probably the biggest thing where I was like ‘it will be an easy life to live here.’”

Gustav Thoughts: Ponder life with five Svenssonisms  -

Gustav Thought #2: I almost chose tennis

“I used to play tennis. Not as a pro, but I played until I was 16 at the highest level you can at that age. It was not really an easy choice, but I always liked soccer more. I could have played tennis – I was pretty good at that.”

Gustav Thought #3: No set plans for retirement

“[I will] be as far away from soccer as possible. Maybe go back to school. I don’t know. I think I will just take a year off, do nothing at first, then figure out what I want. I have a lot of thoughts as I get older in my career, but I don’t know exactly what those thoughts will be.”

Gustav Thought #4: I’ve been everywhere, but I’ve seen nothing

“As a soccer player, you travel a lot. I have been everywhere in the world, but I have seen nothing. All I see is a hotel and a stadium. I want to go back to everywhere I have been and see the city, see the people. Be a part of the culture, not just be a soccer player where the food is delivered, the bed is made and everything is very easy as a soccer player. I want to go travel as a normal person, not a soccer player.”

Gustav Thoughts: Ponder life with five Svenssonisms  -

Gustav Thought #5: I don’t follow soccer

“I don’t care that much about soccer, to be honest. I don’t know a lot of names, I don’t know a lot of players. I don’t watch a lot of soccer. These guys talk about players and teams, I have no idea what they are talking about. I just like to play. Everything is about soccer when I’m with the team, but when I walk out of Starfire, I never talk about soccer.”



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