02/18 S2 Training

The first three days of S2 training camp seem to have flown by. Day one was spent getting players acclimated to playing with a group of new faces, while day two saw some heated competition with a full intrasquad scrimmage.

Today, to the goalkeepers’ dismay, was for the strikers.

After a brief warm-up and jog around the training field, players lined up for one-touch passing drills, which ended with quick crosses into the box and point-blank shots on net. The drill provided for an array of beautiful crosses and finishes from the new forwards, as well as some marvelous reaction saves from the keepers who were under fire all morning.

S2 Head Coach Ezra Hendrickson is impressed with the play he has seen in camp over the last few days, and is ready to see how the guys do in a competitive environment.

“We like what we see so far,” said Hendrickson. “But it’s one thing to play against each other, but tomorrow will be the first test where we actually play against an opponent.”

The team will take on the Sounders FC Academy U-18 team tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. PST. It will be the first chance for the players to play against a team that already has time playing together with success.

“I want to see how the guys react under pressure,” said Hendrickson. “I tell them they are under a microscope, but if you make the team you are going to be under a microscope every game.”

You can tell team comradery is growing as many of the players stuck around practice for some shooting practice and skill games after the final whistle. A few trialists took to a far net, hung a jacket in the top corner and started ripping shots from 25 yards out.

One trialist decided to step into the goal to play keeper as Hendrickson lined up for the shot. The ball curled up and in to the top right corner, sending the trialist diving, unsuccessfully, to his left for the attempted save.

Your next chance to see the team in action is at the scrimmage against the U-18s tomorrow afternoon at Starfire Sports Field 11.



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