Our 2022 schedule release video showcased the diverse BIPOC and minority-owned small businesses in our community. This month, as we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, we are excited to highlight Seatango - a Latinx-owned Argentinian restaurant in Lake City.

Husband and wife team Monica Di Bartolomeo and Ariel Firpo opened Seatango in September 2020 to bring fresh, delicious Argentinian pastries to the Seattle area! Seatango started as a part of the Food Innovation Network’s Spice Bridge food hall and moved to its permanent location in Lake City in 2021.

Monica says: "My husband and I are both from Argentina, and our ancestors came from Italy and Spain. Our Heritage was reflected in the foods we ate growing up, and continues to influence our menu now. We use many recipes and techniques we learned from our families. My father was an Italian-Argentinian chef, and I learned a lot helping him in the kitchen as a child. Ariel's mother and grandmother were both pastry chefs, and they taught both Ariel and me how to make old-fashioned facturas. They all made food from scratch with love, and we're thrilled to continue that legacy."

You can support Seatango by visiting their Lake City store from Tuesday through Saturday! Visit their website for current hours.

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