SEAvPDX: The best social media banter from the rivalry

One Hit Wonders

The Sounders-Timbers rivalry is just different.

Other clubs across MLS have tried to stake a claim as the most thrilling matchup the league has to offer, but none come close. What separates the Sounders-Timbers rivalry – beyond the rich history spanning back to the 1970’s – is how it extends to every level each club.

The players, fans, coaches and front office all want to prove their superiority over their counterparts. And that extends to social media, where the Sounders have carefully crafted content to capitalize on key moments surrounding matches, taking every opportunity to flex their preeminence over Portland.

Pre-match Hype Content

Is there anything better than a good hype video? You're already amped up for the match, then you have someone like DeAndre Yedlin take you inside the rivalry with an epic speech. Time to run through walls. 

Outside of Head Coach Brian Schmetzer, few people understand the history and atmosphere of the Seattle-Portland rivalry quite like Zach Scott. It's only fitting that Mr. Sounder provided the soundtrack for this epic hype video ahead of the derby in 2017. 

Look, let's put the slander against Gotye -- Somebody That I Used To Know is a top five breakup bop of all-time -- to the side for a second. Everything else on this list absolutely checks out, and it's still true to this day.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one could inspire an entire novel. I don't even like reading, but I'd check that book out.

Sometimes in life, two things just go together perfectly. There's peanut butter and jelly. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in romantic comedies. And, of course, there's Roger Levesque and trolling the Timbers.

Post-match Banter

What's sweeter than a big win over your bitter rival? Having some content locked and loaded so you can bask in the glory of a derby victory. 

With that in mind, you can't spell Portland without an 'L'.

The proximity between Seattle and Portland makes the travel for road matches relatively easy. Sometimes you just have to head south, chop down a few trees and hop back on the truck to go home.

Speaking of picking up three points in Portland, the players and staff have their own traditions for a massive derby win.

If someone throws you an alley-oop, can they really be mad at you for dunking it home?

It's not always possible to have content tee'd up to push out as soon as the final whistle sounds. You have to take into consideration what actually happened out on the pitch. So, how do you capitalize on Jordan Morris having an absolute field day down in Portland, winning the 2019 Cascadia Cup?

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