150729 MLS ASG

All that glitters is gooooooold, and only shooting stars break the mold!

It’s that time of year when the league’s best all gather in one place to show those Euro homies what’s what in American soccer. I am of course referring to the annual MLS All-Star game, which went down in Colorado on Wednesday evening against Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League.

You might have been eying the skies for the Blue Angels (sorry for everyone crossing I-90 on Thursday), but the rest of us were tuned in to watch our very own Clint Dempsey and Chad Marshall stick it to the Brits (sorry Ross) at 5,164 feet (1,574 meters for those across the pond). All-Star may have been an understatement.

The MLS boys put two up on Spurs in the first half via David Villa and Kaka, with the coiffed and glorious Harry Kane striking a stunner from distance to pull one back for The Lilywhites.

With Clint and #AirMarshall set to return to Seattle, let’s take a gander at how it all went down with this All-Star edition of Social Timeline!

It's All-Star Day, and who can start out any day like this without a little bit of Smash Mouth?

And more than a few who are ready to see you get back to Seattle (myself included)!

If you haven't stopped by The NINETY yet, you gotta. Good spot to watch #soccer.

I may have overestimated, but I still think it could be done...

Let's go! Deuce gets the start, obviously.

I wish #WrinkleWednesday was every day.


This handball committed by Tottenham was particularly handball-y. That isn't allowed, you know?

Maybe Ricardo has been taking notes from Clint. 

Dempsey --> Kaka --> Villa. A combo you can only dream about (and I often do).

"Hey, watch this!" 

Geez, Harry Kane. We know you're good. You don't have to do stuff like this all the time, we get it!

Clint does Clint things, and jaws were dropped.

Seriously, pick up your jaw, I think you dropped it back there.

Chad on to finish this one out for the MLS squad. 

Making stops, controlling the air, generally just doin' the dang thing.

Oh how we have missed you, DeAndre. 

I would pay extraordinary amounts of cash to watch a footrace between these two. 

Bantz. But really, S2 is 5-0-0 against Portland this year, which I find excellent. 

Woo! Does that mean we can have our big guys back?!

Kasey won, but he also lost, but mostly he won because all he does is win. 

Some love from Chad and Clint...

It was a night to remember in Commerce City, Colorado, and another big win for the league. A silly pass and a slick second assist from our boy Clint, and 45 minutes of operation-shut-down-Spurs from Chad Marshall in the second half would see the credits roll on the 2015 edition of the match, and that would do it for me!

Thanks for coming along for the ride, and make sure to join us this Saturday as Sounders FC looks to secure the Cascadia Cup with three points against Vancouver! 



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