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Social Timeline: Sounders FC rides brace from Dempsey in 3-2 victory over FCD

Clint Dempsey2

What a match that was! For the second straight week, we have been treated to some fabulously entertaining football from your Seattle Sounders FC, this time in a 3-2 victory against the West-leading FC Dallas. And once again, we were treated to a delightful from Designated Player Clint Dempsey who dropped an impressive brace in his home state of Texas. Take that all in, will ya?

Dempsey's performance was the highlight but the effort was a team one and the Sounders came away with all three points...and a ton of excited tweets on @LIVESounders. Let's revisit those and more in this week's social timeline (from the guy who posts most of the stuff anyway).

It all started when we landed in Dallas, obviously.

...and if you needed some pre-#DALvSEA Dempsey, he was named to EA Sports FIFA's Ultimate Team of the Week for his hat trick against Portland. That's right.

After getting to Dallas, we got to work the next morning with a lovely training session under picture perfect blue skies. The vibe was loose, as you can see from this from spesh vine.

And then I made you guess who these belonged to. Weirdly, most of you guessed wrong. They are the Obeses!

But the next day...that would be Sounders Matchday, y'all. Time to get to work.

But first, Clint had to pose for one (and then about 401 more) photos with his fellow Texans.

Less compelling, but serves a purpose…as Stefan Frei found out quite quickly on Saturday. It was super windy in Frisco.

Out came the starting lineups. You know who you have to thank for these awesome videos? Brad Evans. It was his idea. I won’t take any of the credit. Thanks B-rad.

This way out getting the lineups out there is hard as creative or cool.

I think I’m going to make this a regular thing. Just needs more cookies.

Then MLS tweeted at me and I turned into a teenager. Well, more so than usual.

And the Sounders Academy was in the house for the match!

Kickoff. The Sounders were 90 minutes away from three awesome points.

Bit of a tough one there. Replay shows how badly the ball was swirling. Tough one for Frei to stomach but he had a solid rest of the match. Very solid.

Yep. Clint did work. Wasn’t to Obes. Just all Clint from miles out. 1-1.

Drew was very impressed.

PK goal. We move on to the fun stuff…

Yep, that was fun. Nice work, Keel.

Didn’t take long for Deuce to put the match away, which completed a LOVELY flowing team goal.

Missed the ’s’ there at the end, but you get the point. Great stuff.

That would do it. Three points. In. The. Bag.

Caption says it all. Deuce is, HEATING UP, as they say.

This is what I was treated to on the ride home…

Chad was happy. Chad is the man.

Short and sweet. Get well soon, Brad.

How do you not love Gonzo?

All in a day’s work. See you soon, Chivas.

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