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Statements from Paul G. Allen, Adrian Hanauer and Peter McLoughlin

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A statement regarding the proposed downtown development

Statement from Paul G. Allen
It was a sad day when the Sonics left Seattle, a move I opposed. It’s exciting to think about the NBA coming back to Seattle and renewing the rivalry with the Portland Trail Blazers. However, it is too early for me to comment any further without a specific plan or proposal to review.

Statement from Peter McLoughlin and Adrian Hanauer
We support anything that is good for the Seattle community and downtown development. Both the Seahawks and Sounders believe that the economic and cultural benefits of professional sports are a central and important contributor to any community’s growth.

About Paul G. Allen
Paul G. Allen is the chairman of Vulcan Sports & Entertainment. Allen saved pro football in Seattle when he purchased the Seattle Seahawks in 1997 is an owner with Joe Roth and Adrian Hanauer of Major League Soccer’s Sounders FC. An investor and philanthropist, he creates projects in arts, education, entertainment, sports, business and technology that change and improve the world. He co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1976, and remained the company’s chief technologist until he left in 1983. Allen’s lifetime giving totals more than $1 billion and is committed to giving back to the communities of the Pacific Northwest through his Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

About Adrian Hanauer
Adrian Hanauer is the owner and general manager of Major League Soccer’s Seattle Sounders FC. Since 2001, he has been associated with the highest level of soccer played in Seattle. He first joined the ownership group of the Sounders franchise in the United Soccer Leagues First Division, and later became majority shareholder and general manager. Involved in many organizations in Seattle, Hanauer sits on the Board of Trustees for the Museum of History and Industry.

About Peter McLoughlin
Peter McLoughlin is the president of the Seattle Seahawks, Sounders FC and First & Goal, Inc. Hired by Paul G. Allen in September of 2010 after serving as the chief executive officer of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues, McLoughlin oversees all financial and business operations, sales and marketing, sponsorship and administration of the two sports clubs. As head of First & Goal, Inc., he handles management of CenturyLink Field, CenturyLink Field Event Center and the Theater.



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