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Things to be thankful for as a Sounders FC supporter

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It's that time of year when thanks is given. Here's a few things to be happy about if you support the Sounders.

The 2013 MLS Cup is December 7th – and the Sounders won’t be taking part in the match, which is a massive disappointment for many.

It’s ok though…all is not lost. Seriously, there will be a tomorrow.

With Thanksgiving upon us, the gang at thought it would be appropriate to look back at all we have to be thankful for as an organization and as fans of the team. After all, 2014 is barely a month away with the start of the new season (as of Thursday) is only 100 days from now! That’s nearly double digits, folks.

So while you’re sitting down with your family in your Sounders jersey, preparing to eat from your Rave Green plates and watching the other football on your Cascade Shale couch, let the following fill you with optimism and glee.

Things To Be Thankful For If You Love Sounders FC (In no particular order)

The Players

A pretty obvious one right out of the gate. They are the lifeblood of the franchise and we have a pretty solid core to work with going forward. Brad Evans is the most recent long-time Sounder to re-up with the squad as he’ll be rocking the No. 3 shirt for the foreseeable future.

The same goes for one Osvaldo Alonso, who recently made the massive jump to Designated Player. What’s not to love about that guy? Pretty sure he bleeds fluorescent green…but not like the Predator because I’m 99% certain he cannot be killed.
Oh, and there’s that Clint Dempsey fella. Word on the street is that he’s pretty good…

The list goes on. A lot of players to be excited about heading into next year. This is a fun team, no denying that.

CenturyLink Field

It’s big, it’s loud, it’s mean…it’s CenturyLink Field and opposing clubs HATE playing there. Not just because of its daunting façade or pesky rainfall but because of the 40k+ screaming Sounders supporters in the stands at every single match. Nothing else like it in Major League Soccer. Not even close.

…and have you tried the chowder bread bowl? Lights out.

March To The Match

Speaking of the boisterous droves of Rave Green-clad fanatics...having them stationary in their seats is one thing. Try getting in the way of the thousands marching from Occidental Park to CenturyLink Field and you’re going to get run over.

The March is something else, particularly if you’re experiencing it for the first time, or during a Cascadia match. Departing from the aforementioned quaint city reserve, it’s essentially a moving, singing viridescent Mack Truck. Not to be missed at any home match because it’s simply amazing.


Sometimes the guys who write the checks for a professional sports team tend to take a more reserved, behind-the-scenes approach to ownership. Not the Sounders brass.

Joe Roth, the majority owner of the club, often speaks directly to the supporters at the March to the Match and is very candid in doing so. Drew Carey, arguably the most recognizable of the group, hosts The Price is Right and has been a well-known actor for years. Adrian Hanauer, a Sounder through and through, pulls the double act and is also the club’s General Manager.

It doesn’t get more involved than that. Those guys are great and 100% committed to take the Sounders to the next level.

U.S National Team

Talk about a banner year for U.S. Soccer. The senior men’s squad had its best year EVER (as far as its overall record is concerned) and the Sounders were a big part of that success.

Bursting onto the scene and establishing himself as the first-choice right back was Brad Evans. Clint Dempsey was named the captain of the team earlier in the year, which was a well-deserved appointment. And then there is Eddie Johnson, who has been revitalized since joining the Sounders and fully entrenched himself as an integral member of the national team ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
And there is the matter of that World Cup qualifier held in Seattle back in June. A match that brought on this.


As the saying goes, you can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Yes, yes, we can even be thankful for our great Pacific Northwest rivals Portland and Vancouver. Not because they exist but because the collective might (and the astounding number of flannel shirts) of the Cascadia region easily makes up the greatest soccer atmosphere in North America. It’s not even close.

There is simply nothing like the vibe felt at CenturyLink Field, JELD-WEN Field or BC Place when a Cascada rival is in town. Whether the results go the Sounders way or not, the events themselves are quite special and always draw the attention of the national audience.

Ross Fletcher/Kasey Keller

Like Wayne and Garth and Johnny and Bodhi before them, there has scarcely been a better on-screen duo than Ross and Kasey. Perfectly complimenting each other in every way, the silver-tongued Brit and the brash former shot-stopper with the unmistakable scruff just work.

How can you not love that team when taking in a Sounders away match? (You know, because you’re obviously at the match when it’s at home) Charm on top of charm on top of charm topped with a little snark. Keep it up, men with mics.

You, The Sounders FC Supporter

What can I say about Sounders supporters that hasn’t been said a thousand times. There is a reason you draw the ire of the rest of the U.S. soccer community. It’s a word that starts with a “J” and ends with “ealousy”. Plain and simple.

Every minute of every match, you bring it. Fueling not only the players on the pitch, but the coaches, trainers, equipment staff, broadcasters, stadium staff, and questionably-sane live-tweeters, too.

So as you’re sitting down to eat some turkey and stuffing with your family on Thanksgiving, raise your hand into the air, move it backwards, bend, and give yourself a massive pat on the back because without you, all the rest of this just wouldn’t be as special.

Thank you.



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