Career Summary

Bheem is a very bright and active 8-year-old and is battling A.L.L. (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia).  He holds himself to high standards. He is compassionate and can admire the strengths and good in others. 

Bheem loves soccer and is a very passionate Sounders FC fan. From cheering for their championship in kindergarten, using the Sounders as the subject for every story he wrote in 1st grade, to meeting players and receiving a Stefan Frei video message during treatment in 2nd grade, his connection to the team has grown.

Even after eight months of intense chemotherapy, he was determined to try out for the Seattle United team in April. He made the U9 premier team and scored three goals in his first four games in June. Bheem talks about his future career as a Sounder all the time, and still declares the 2016 MLS Championship as the greatest moment of his life.

In general, Bheem is a sports fanatic and when not focused on the Sounders he is rooting for the Seahawks, Chicago Cubs, Duke Blue Devils, and Kentucky Wildcats. He can play catch or shoot a basketball for hours. When indoors, he is reading Harry Potter, building large LEGO sets, and playing cards and board games, never wanting to deviate from the rules.

He loves travel and adventure, whether a short camping trip or 15 days visiting extended family in India. You can take him anywhere, and all the better if you can squeeze in a sporting event on the itinerary!

Bheem’s Favorite….

  • Sports Team: Seattle Sounders FC
  • Player: Stefan Frei
  • Sport/position: Soccer/goalkeeper though his team doesn’t really have positions, if they did this is what he would choose.
  • Color: Gold
  • Candy: M&M’s and Skittles
  • Snack: Graham Crackers
  • Restaurant: Din Tai Fung (dumplings)
  • Thing to do Outside: Play soccer!
  • Thing to do Inside: Build LEGOs and watch Disney movies
  • Electronics: Nintendo Switch
  • Class in School: PE
  • Music/Singer: Imagine Dragons