Badge and Colors Fact Sheet

Learn more about the new Seattle Sounders FC colors and logo.

The badge represents the organization’s personality, image, core competencies and characteristics. This design is loosely based on a heraldic shield, which helped identify combatants who were otherwise hidden by their armor.

The Seattle Sounders FC badge was developed with two distinct layers to represent the partnership between the ownership, the community, the players and the fans.

The partners are all united under one banner which carries the team name.

The Space Needle is a universally recognized icon and symbol of Seattle.

The overall design is an updated, contemporary treatment of traditional shapes. The effect is clean, bold, aggressive and uniquely Northwest.


Sounder Blue (Pantone 647C)
A reference to Puget Sound and the water that surrounds Seattle, which helps define its citizens.

Blue signifies stability, strength and loyalty.

Rave Green (Pantone 370C)
Merriam-Webster Definition: rave (adj): c: to talk with extreme enthusiasm <raved about its beauty>

Green is a reference to the forests of the Pacific Northwest. It also represents the passionate, optimistic spirit of the community.

Cascade Shale (Pantone 433C)
Cascade is a reference to the spectacular range of mountains on Seattle’s eastern horizon.


Modified versions of Verlag (“Sounders FC”) and Eurostyle (“Seattle”)

Designer DNA Brand Mechanics