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SoundersFC.com Adds Supporter Video and Photo Uploads

Registered users of SoundersFC.com can upload photos to the club's official website

SoundersFC.com has a talented group of photographers and videographers that bring you the best Sounders FC content on a daily

All user videos and photos show up along content produced and posted by club personnel on the club’s official website, not on a separate fan website. 

To upload a photo, simply click on a “Upload Photo” or “Upload Video” on video and photo pages and follow uploader’s instructions. 

Here are a couple of tips and tricks when interacting with user photos and videos on SoundersFC.com:

  • You can distinguish supporter videos and photos from club content, by the green border and/or icon on the photo or video.
  • By default all users photos and videos will be shown.  To only view club content simply uncheck the “Include photos/videos from the community” checkbox.
  • Videos may be embedded into a blog or personal website by copying and pasting the given embed code in third-party website.
  • To report abuse of an individual photo or video click on the report abuse button beneath the content on its detail and download page.

If you have any questions about uploading a photo or a video, or have a bug you would like to report, you may do so in the forums or by the contact us form.