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Sounders FC introduces Spanish language portion of its website.

Dear soccer fan,

For most of us, Spanish speakers, soccer is something we carry inside, it is our passion, and it is a part of our culture

Many of us grew up going to the game, either in the big stadiums of a large city, or in the improvised fields of a small town; we all, or most of us, have kicked a ball since we learned how to walk

“Futbol” is ours; it’s a part of our lives

But, to our fortune, our sport is also the world’s sport; the one played in every corner of the planet; and in this country, there are followers who share the same passion, and who work to make it grow

The love for soccer of a local group of entrepreneurs achieved, at last, the goal of establishing in Seattle a team in the MLS, the first division of soccer in the country, an organized league in expansion, and with an international and competitive vision

Sounders FC debuted with a solid victory on March 19th this year, and from that moment it turned into the center of attention of soccer in the US; due to the quality of its organization, the enormous response of its fans, and the immediate competitiveness of the team on the pitch

As the team grows as a competitive force nationally and internationally, the interest for Sounders FC grows, and is growing very noticeably amongst us, who speak Spanish, live in the northwest, and love ‘Fútbol’

Sounders FC Organization launches today the Spanish language chapter of its website with information in Spanish about Sounders FC, a complete and quality product, looking to keep updated the Spanish speaking Sounders FC fan, on the team’s developments

Espanol.SoundersFC.com will bring permanent updates about the team, in different formats, with design and interactivity that are state of the art; it also brings important information in Spanish, useful for the experience of going to the game, and notes about the team’s community outreach and developmental activities

For Sounders news in Spanish, the team has established a partnership with Seattle’s weekly newspaper “La Raza del Noroeste”, an affiliate of The Washington Post Company, following Sounders FC closely since its foundation in November of 2007; “La Raza del Noroeste” will provide news and commentary in Spanish, about MLS and Sounders FC

We encourage you to check permanently at Espanol.SoundersFC.com, and to support our local soccer team!

Jorge Rivera
La Raza del Noroeste
Seattle WA.