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Council Update

The inaugural Sounders FC council has made several important decisions about the 2010 council.

Drew Carey’s dream of a season ticket holder membership having a direct say in club affairs came true when the Sounders Alliance was born in late 2008.

Season ticket holders who wanted to become more involved could then find 25 other account holders to vote them onto Council.  2009 saw 11 Council members elected.

Those Council members were involved with monthly conference calls, helped plan the Supporters Summit associated with MLS Cup, and worked tirelessly to engage the front office on business, stadium and team affairs. 

With a year under our belt and after numerous discussions, the following changes were proposed and adopted by current Council members and Sounders FC ownership.

  • The 11 current Council members will serve a 2nd term ending in November of 2010
  • Newly elected Council members will serve two year terms
  • One vote per season ticket holder account will continue
  • 2010 voting will not be reset meaning 2009 voting tallies will continue into 2010
    • After the 2010 season, Council voting will be reset
    • Council members elected in 2010 will continue to serve into 2011 as per the newly adopted two year term distinction

We encourage season ticket holders interested in participating in monthly conference calls, who want to sit down twice a year with ownership, and who want to report on the pulse of the Alliance to continue to pursue Council.

Start your campaign now – voting starts soon!

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