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Riley promotes Family Fitness

Bellevue Boys & Girls Club met up with defender James Riley in the first of two SUBWAY Family Fitness nights this month.

Good combinations create winners in all phases of life so when the Sounders, Seattle-Tacoma SUBWAY Restaurants and the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club got together Tuesday night success was almost assured.

More than two hundred and fifty club members and their families enjoyed a healthy meal provided by Seattle-Tacoma SUBWAY Restaurants and listened to popular Sounders FC defender James Riley discuss the importance of healthy eating and physical activity in the first of two SUBWAY Restaurants Family Fitness nights this month.

“It’s just about a healthy life style, I know when I was their age my mom could not keep me in the house, I was out building forts, exploring, trying to get into some kind of trouble, playing any type of sport that I could, so my message is simple, just enjoy the time you have outside.”

The Sounders FC defender is a stickler for keeping in top condition. Always the last one off the training field, Riley is also well dialed in when it comes to his diet. 

“You have the Boys and Girls Club with great access, you have SUBWAY that has fantastic food and you have so many parks, especially living here, you have a great opportunity to be outside.”

Riley opened the evening signing autographs for 45 minutes before joining the young attendees for a dinner of healthy SUBWAY sandwiches and a variety of sports activities.

The seven-year veteran of professional soccer is as comfortable with the youngsters as he is on the pitch. His impromptu question and answer session was a huge hit with the kids. He spoke about starting soccer at the age of eight, described his training schedule and off-field hobbies and answered a question about his favorite part of playing soccer. By the way, winning and sharing good times with teammates are among his favorites.

SUBWAY is a very active member of the community and will host another fitness event on July 21, 2011 in Tacoma, Wash.