MNF Through The Lens Of Levesque and Ianni

On Monday night, two familiar faces roamed the sidelines at CenturyLink Field.

However, Roger Levesque and Patrick Ianni weren’t racing toward the goal or skying for a header.  They were snapping photos and carrying equipment with Seahawks and Sounders FC photographer Corky Trewin.

“I had a nice conversation with Corky at breakfast in one of the Central American countries we visited in CONCACAF,” Ianni said after the game.  “Next thing you know, I’m here on the sidelines at Monday Night Football taking pictures of Doug Baldwin scoring touchdowns.”

Ianni laughed that he spent as much time protecting the cameras from oncoming players as he did taking pictures, but still had the opportunity to marvel at the size, strength and speed of the players – and the ferocity of each hit.

In the end, the Seahawks walked out of CenturyLink Field with a 30-13 win over the St. Louis Rams in front of a national television audience.  Meanwhile, Ianni and Levesque walked out with an experience of a lifetime.