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Ticket Upgrade Q&A

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Online Upgrade Process.
We are excited to begin our interactive seat relocation process for 2014. If you come across any additional questions while navigating the virtual venue, please contact the Sounders FC Ticket Office at (877) 657-4625.

Q. How are the appointment times determined?
a) Appointment times are based on the number of consecutive years you have been a season ticket holder; also referred to as your Original Priority Date.

Q. Do I have to pay in full in order to relocate my seats?
a) No. However you do need to sign up for one of our online payment plans so that your account is paid in full by the January 10th deadline.

Q. How do I relocate my seats to sit with friends and family?
a) Seats on different accounts may be relocated together at the later relocation appointment of the two accounts. If the appointment times for all other accounts have arrived, you can simply select seats at the same time. Feel free to contact our office for step by step assistance.

Q. What if I miss my appointment window?
a) Ticket holders can still contact our office to inquire about available seating options, even after your window closes.

Q. Can I add seats using this process?
a) Unfortunately not. Please contact our office, and we'd be happy to work with you to explore additional seating opportunities.

Q. Can I move to a different price level?
a) Yes, your payment plan will adjust to the new price level at the completion of the seat relocation process. Keep in mind that some price levels are sold out and not available.

Q. After I've completed the relocation process, can I change my mind and get my old seats back?
a) Once at the "Review Your Upgrade" screen, you are able to either keep your newly selected seats or keep your current seats and go back to look at more options. Once you have accepted the new seats, your old seats may no longer be available. You can contact our office at (877) 657-4625 to check on available locations.

Q. I have multiple sets of season tickets but only want to move one set. Can I just relocate one set?
a) Yes. At the "Select Seats to Upgrade" screen, simply select the seats that you want to relocate. If you would like to relocate multiple seat locations, they will need to be done one location at a time.