Ozzie Alonso

Your eyes don't deceive you - Ozzie Alonso has at long last joined Twitter

He may have taken his sweet time in joining the fun but Sounders midfield wrecking ball Ozzie Alonso has finally, FINALLY joined the ranks of the Twitterverse.

Under the simple, yet fabulously brilliant and beautiful handle @OzzieAlonso, The HoneyBadger answered the calls of the thousands and thousands of Sounders FC supporters who wanted to know more about Osvaldo Alonso the person...and what better way to do that than the vessle we all know and love - Twitter.

His first Tweet though. As if joining the social network wasn't enough, Ozzie dropped a nice juicy 140 character bomb on us:

Every day is special when you are a part of it, Osvaldo.

So if you're late to the party (yes, I realize it's Friday night...now Saturday morning) and you may be doing more important things (hint: there is nothing more important), you better get following our beloved No.6 because, well, he deserves it and we love him.

See you tomorrow (today), everyone.