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Social Timeline: USA stuns Ghana in thrilling 2-1 match where Dempsey scored after 30 seconds

How about that, America? What a match we were treated to in the World Cup on Monday as the US of A managed to fight off old foes Ghana and come away with three vital points in the 2-1 victory. Starting it all was No.8 for your country, No.2 for your club and No.1 in your hearts - the one and only Clint Dempsey. 

Scoring just 30 seconds into the match, Dempsey continued to write, nay, stamp his name in the history books of not only U.S. Soccer, but the World Cup as well. Let us bring ourselves back to the bars and plazas and stadiums that we enjoyed the match and check out all the fun from a Social Media perspective - my favorite thing to do.

Here goes.

I mean…come on now. Look how good that crew is!

DeAndre getting us ready here.

The fun begins.

We love that Arlo guy.

So Clint started the match. Literally and figuratively.

I was very excite, you guys.

Yes we do. We really do.

More cool looking graphics!

Yes it was packed. I was there. Sweating my butt off.

Love some love from the lovely Seahawks.

Clint looking real nice in that lineup there.

Can you smelllllllLLLLLLlllLLLLLLLLllLLLLllLLL what America is cooking?!

Anthems. They are sung loudly.


Boom. You just got Dempsey’d.

I would have embedded some of the other player’s tweets…but Dylan’s had the cleanest language.

Djimi’s, too. That’s about it though.


And then I nearly got trampled but that’s fine. I’m kind of big.

Yes, how about them indeed. Bea-u-tiful.

The aftermath. (This is going to be a long social timeline)

Yep. The fastest. Officially clocked at 30 seconds by FIFA.

Then Clint got his nose broke. IT’S FINE, HE’S AMERICAN.

Up 1-0 at the break. Very nice.

Fast forward…BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! But then…


…and that’s all she wrote!


Djimi loves it!

DeAndre loves it as well!

How about him indeed. I just…wow.

Clint Dempsey. So hot right now. Clint Dempsey.

Goals on goals on goals.

That man is a trooper.

Look at all the fun we had, America!

Yep. That about sums it up. See you Sunday, Portugal.