After picking Seattle Sounders to win MLS Cup in 2015, Bryn makes another guess for this year's bracket

Kids say the darndest things.

Last season, Seattle Sounders fans were introduced to Bryn Forrester, a little girl in Minnesota who picked the Rave Green to win the MLS Cup with her bracket predictions. The videotaped unveil, a tradition in the Forrester family that dated back to the birth of Paul Forrester's older son, Paxon, was something Bryn took very seriously, making a calculated decision about which team would advance through to the league's final.

After spotting the video, the Sounders digital staff invited the Forrester family out for the first leg of the Western Conference Semifinals at CenturyLink Field and Bryn proved to be a charm, with the Sounders securing a win over FC Dallas before ultimately failing to advance after PKs on the road in Dallas.

This year, though, Bryn wasn't quite as optimistic.

Paul Forrester released his kids' 2016 predictions on Monday night via his Twitter handle, @BadMLSComics, and while both kids had Seattle advancing to the conference semis, they both predicted the playoff run would come to an end with a loss (again) to FC Dallas.

We'll cross our fingers that you're not right, Bryn and Paxon!