Tacoma Stadium

Plans unveiled on ESPN broadcast for S2 move to Tacoma, Soccer Specific Stadium

A very interesting bit of news related to Seattle Sounders FC 2 was released at halftime of Saturday's ESPN broadcast, as Taylor Twellman announced Seattle Sounders FC and the Tacoma Rainiers have taken major steps toward developing a new, 5,000-seat soccer-specific stadium in Tacoma that would become the new home for the organization’s USL club.

"We want to continue to invest, build the infrastructure and continue to develop the game," said Sounders FC majority owner Adrian Hanauer on the ESPN broadcast. "Beyond the player development side, which is obviously a very important part of the puzzle, Tacoma is the third-biggest city in Washington State. There's a lot of Sounders fans down there and potential for a lot more. We think if we continue to grow the game anywhere in this state, it leads to more Sounders fans and we want to sell [CenturyLink Field] out some day." 

Stay tuned for further developments surrounding the potential move of Sounders FC 2 to Tacoma.