Kelvin Leerdam vs Chivas
Jane Gershovich

Listen to Episode 6 of "Winging it with Zakuani" featuring defender Kelvin Leerdam

In the sixth episode of "Winging it with Zakuani", Steve Zakuani talks about Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining Major League Soccer (00:58), sits down for a conversation with fullback Kelvin Leerdam (09:57) and culminates the podcast with his "3 Big Things" segment at the 27:15 mark.

In an in-depth interview with Leerdam, the veteran defender opens up on his return to the pitch following a preseason injury, his arrival in Seattle in 2017 and how he has settled into life in the United States.

"I want to watch basketball games but we don't have a team over here," Leerdam said of his passion for the NBA. "I hope when we play somewhere on the East [Coast] when we have maybe two or three days, I can go and watch a game. I've seen some Seahawks games, I watch March Madness now so I'm integrated.