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Mike Fiechtner

Harry Shipp, Bryan Meredith's "high-five fail" is the gift that keeps on giving

The cameras are always rolling.

When Harry Shipp subbed off the field in the 87th minute of Wednesday's 1-0 win against the San Jose Earthquakes at Avaya Stadium, he high five'd a few teammates before finding a seat. What he didn't notice (or perhaps he did and there's more to the story...jk), was that goalkeeper Bryan Meredith was left hanging. The moment was hilariously captured live and then shared again on the post-game show with Keith Costigan, Zach Scott and Kasey Keller.

Let's breakdown the whole sequence:

1. Shipp high fives Jordy Delem 

2. Meredith reaches out for his high five 

3. Shipp appears to look in Meredith's direction

4. Shipp abruptly turns around

5. Meredith stares at his hand

6. Meredith continues to stare at his hand

7. Kelvin Leerdam smiles widely

8. Meredith stares into Shipp's soul

9. Ozzie Alonso shakes Meredith's hand

The laughs continued on social media, as well. Meredith, in good spirits with the unfortunate situation, shared the video on his Instagram. Shipp commented, "thanks for still driving me home from the airport 😂"

The teammates continued to have fun on Twitter, too. 

Following Sunday's 3-1 win over New York City FC, Shipp and Meredith finished off the long-overdue high five at CenturyLink Field. It was glorious.