Brad Evans NEXT 5

#NEXT5: Brad Evans is doing his part to preserve and protect the environment

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual event celebrated globally that showcases support for environmental protection, Earth Day Northwest 2020 has launched the #NEXT5 #VoicesCarry2020 campaign.

It could be the next five weeks, months, years or decades. Earth Day Northwest 2020 wants to hear your voice and what tangible actions you’d like to see taken to promote the preservation and long-term health of our environment.

For Sounders FC Brand Ambassador Brad Evans, his #NEXT5 challenges the community to focus on five important steps for protecting and preserving the natural environment, with an important focus on equity and inclusion.

“We are at a real crossroads for humanity right now,” said Evans. “If we choose the right path, we can all come together to slow the damage to our beautiful planet - the only home we have. In the next five years, I'd like to see all of us take five small pledges to reduce plastic, reduce mindless consumption, reuse items, compost and recycle. If we take those steps seriously, we could reduce our wastefulness and carbon footprint in a big way. The current situation is dire, but there is still hope. If we all commit to action individually, I'm confident we can get there together.”

You can learn more about #NEXT5 and Earth Day HERE.

What concrete steps would you like to see yourself and your community take to improve environmental sustainability? Share them on social media using #NEXT5 and #VoicesCarry2020.