Lodeiro on Space Needle

All In WA: Nicolás Lodeiro raises flag atop Space Needle on Wednesday morning

On Wednesday morning, Seattle Sounders midfielder Nicolás Lodeiro had a uniquely Seattle experience: raising a flag atop the Space Needle.

“Since I came to Seattle, I’ve said that I love this city,” Lodeiro said. “Now it’s even more than my expectation because I can see everything: the city, Mt. Rainier, the lake and also CenturyLink Field. I love this city and the people from Seattle.”

All In WA is a coordinated, statewide relief effort powered by a coalition of frontline nonprofits, individuals and public officials to support impacted workers and families who have been acutely affected by the COVID-19 crisis. To kick off the campaign and illustrate the unifying purpose behind it all, seven coordinated flag raisings took place across the state on Wednesday.


At the Space Needle, Lodeiro was joined by three frontline healthcare workers: Michael Allan is a firefighter with the Kirkland Fire Department, while Sydney Hanson and Vicente Yu are registered nurses with Evergreen Health in Kirkland. All three heroes have been involved in healthcare efforts since the beginning of the outbreak.

“Thank you to our nurses and firemen,” Lodeiro said. “I really appreciate this work. For me, it’s an honor and it’s a very special day. I am very proud to represent my team, my house and the Sounders.”