The Seattle Sounders FC's official members association, the Alliance, activates the promise of minority owner Drew Carey to involve the fans in the decision making process of the team. The Alliance Council has designated Carey as the Honorary Chairman of the Alliance. 

“I'm very excited about what we're doing here in Seattle,” said Carey. “Where else can the fans fire the general manager? I hope this becomes a model for every professional sports organization in America.”

Fans will have a say in the direction of the franchise, including a vote on retention or lack of confidence for the general manager every four years. The first general manager vote took place in the fall of 2012 at the end of the Major League Soccer season.

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"We learned through the ‘name the team vote’ that our fans are passionate, active and want to be involved in this democratic process,” said majority owner Joe Roth. “Members can voice their opinions on a wide variety of issues from team play to game presentation and ultimately to the performance of our management. Although membership groups like this are new to American sports, they are important to world class European soccer clubs like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.”

All Alliance members will be invited to an annual meeting hosted by Club ownership and the Alliance Council.

In addition, members will have the opportunity to be elected to the Alliance Council. Council delegates will serve on a biennial basis. Members interested in participating on the council must receive a minimum of 25 votes from other Alliance members. 

Alliance membership is complimentary for season ticket holders, and non-season ticket holders can join the Alliance for an annual fee of $125. Benefits include: voting privilege, membership card, discount at team shops, invitation to annual meeting, and electronic newsletters during the season, and an annual report.

For information on and Sounders FC season tickets or Sounders FC Alliance membership, please visit or call 1-877-MLS-GOAL.

Alliance Goals

Provide Alliance members with a voice in the overall direction of the organization, including but not limited to the following:

• A vote on retention or lack of confidence in the Club’s General Manager every four years 

• The right to decide on two of the Club’s charitable partners

• The right to advise on matters regarding game-day experience

• The right to decide matters that primarily affect fan experience

Alliance Voting Procedure

• The first vote took place in fall 2012.  The next vote is scheduled for 2016.

• Simple majority rules and a minimum number of 10,000 members must participate in the vote. 

• The first vote will take place in fall 2012. 

• Ownership reserves the right to relieve the General Manager of duties for cause and/or call for a “lack of confidencevote at any time. 

• Additional voting on various team operations. 

Alliance Council

• Council delegates will serve on a biennial basis. 

• Members interested in participating on the Council must receive a minimum of 25 votes from other Alliance members. 

• The Alliance Council will meet monthly during the MLS season in addition to the annual meeting. 

• Each Council delegate will serve as a liaison from the Alliance to the ownership group.

Alliance Benefits (all season ticket holders receive complimentary memberships)

• Voting privilege

• Membership Card 

• Discount at team shops 

• Invitation to the annual business meeting 

• Electronic newsletters during the season