Alliance Chairman

He is possibly the most high-profile supporter of soccer in the United States, an actor/comedian Drew Carey is bringing his over enthusiasm and creative thinking to Sounders FC.

Who conceived the idea of a supporters association which would have a say in the club's direction? It was Drew. How about the contest to name the team? Drew, too. And who's brainstorm resulted in the club's signature marching band? Uh, that would be Drew again.

Says Carey: "I was mostly interested in spreading the gospel of fan control over the team's management, like they have at Real Madrid and Barcelona. It had nothing, really, to do with wanting to own a business. We're all excited about bringing democracy to sports in America."

Carey can be seen daily on the CBS Network as host of The Price is Right. He starred in the Drew Carey Show on ABC from 1995-2004 and the improv showcase Whose Line is It Anyway? from 1998-2006.