Alliance Council

Council members are elected to Council on a biennial basis, with terms extending up to two years. Alliance Members interested in participating on Council must receive a minimum of 25 votes from other members of the Alliance.

Council members need to be committed to the Council duties and meetings. Council members meet in the Pioneer Square area on the first Tuesday evening of each month, plus two or three meetings with owners, and the annual business meeting around season-end. Council responsibilities typically require fifteen minutes to two hours of focus and attention between meetings each month.

Council member tasks typically involve creating web posts, blogging, social media posts, typing notes, emails, posting surveys, telephone communication, budgeting, marketing, and contest management. Being a Council member does not require a lot of work, but it does require good time management and integrity. There will be situations where discretion and confidentiality are required for the collaborative process to work.

Each Council member will serve as a liaison between Alliance members and the ownership group and represent Alliance members in matters impacting their matchday experience.

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Member Responsibilities

Attend Council Meetings

Members of the Alliance Council are required to attend monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month during their term, and will be invited to participate in additional meetings with owners approximately quarterly.

Attend Annual Meeting

Council members will be expected to attend the annual business meeting at or near the conclusion of each season.

Represent Other Alliance Members

Council members serve as the voice for Alliance members, other fans, and match attendees. Council members will be responsible for gathering comments, suggestions and criticisms from Alliance members and presenting them along with suggestions and ideas to the ownership group.

Be In-Tune

Be aware of the match-day environment in your seating section, and be able to discuss events or elements which positively or negatively impact the fan experience.


Have a desire to see the Alliance succeed and become the pinnacle example for other sports teams wanting to see their fans have a more pronounced voice in the success of their club.

Nomination Procedures

Only members of the Alliance may be nominated as prospective Council members.

Alliance members wishing to be elected to Council must first nominate themselves on the Council ballot. A minimum of 25 votes must be received for the prospective Council member to be elected to Council.

Each season ticket is entitled up to one vote provided that it is designated an email address with which to login to the nomination page. If additional email addresses are not assigned to the additional tickets associated with an account, then only the primary account holder will have a vote.

Nominate for Council

Council Members

 Nicholaus Biela

About Me: The 1994 World Cup in the USA made me passionate about soccer, but it wasn’t until I moved to Seattle in 2008 that I lived in an area that shared my feelings for the beautiful game. Thanks to the soccer community here in Seattle, I’ve met lifelong friends and have taken some incredibly epic trips across the world to watch soccer. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in attendance when the USA won the Women’s World Cup, seen the Sounders play at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, and most importantly celebrated with my friends, family and fellow supporters in Toronto as we won our first MLS Cup! Outside of soccer, I play goaltender in the GSHL, enjoy going to live concerts, and try to do what I can to make a positive mark in our local community.
Hometown: Seattle by way of Franklinville, NY
Season Ticket Member Since: 2014
Soccer Affiliations: Emerald City Supporters, Treasurer for The American Outlaws: Seattle Chapter, Sounders Community Trust, Coach/Player for the ECS Pub League
Favorite club (outside of MLS): US National Teams, AS Roma
Section: ECS (typically sitting in 123 with La Barra Fuerza Verde)
Pre-Match Ritual: Have food/pints upstairs at Fuel while watching out of town matches, then arrive into the stadium early to socialize with my fellow supporters while getting excited for the next Sounders victory!

 Martin Buckley

About Me: Being from England I was born surrounded by football. I didn’t follow any of the local clubs – and went for the unlikely hero team of late 1970s - Nottingham Forest. When I moved to the USA I was living in Salt Lake City – and went to many games during the early years of the RSL franchise. It wasn’t until I moved to Seattle that I found what I was missing – a club with followers, passion and a real identity! As a family we enjoyed the atmosphere so much that we eventually became Season Ticket Holders and then Founder Members at S2. Outside of footy – family, technology, travel – that makes for a full week.
Hometown: Birmingham, England and now Issaquah
Season Ticket Member Since: 2014
Soccer Affiliations:Gorilla FC, Emerald City Supporters, Sounders Community Trust
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Nottingham Forest, Burton Albion, LASK Linz
Section: 205
Pre-Match Ritual: My boy reading the starting eleven. Getting the footy bus. Catching up with friends at the ground.

 Cameron Collins

About Me: Cameron is an attorney (focusing on entertainment law and small businesses), law professor, film producer, and radio disc jockey. In 2014, he worked with Alliance Council President Stephanie Steiner to re-negotiate the Alliance GM vote process. He is also the media director for Gorilla FC. In 2002, he was voted Silicon Valley's Best Local Celebrity by readers of the Metro Silicon Valley.
Hometown: Seattle
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Soccer Affiliations: Gorilla FC
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Chelsea (since 1995) and Paris Saint-Germain (since 2000)
Section: 236
Pre-Match Ritual: Arrive to stadium 3 hours before kickoff to put up the GFC banner

 Mike Dollard

About Me: I started playing soccer after college and continue to play once or twice a week.  I coached my children’s youth teams for a dozen years.  I enjoy the camaraderie of my many friends while we support the Sounders.
Hometown: Seattle
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Soccer Affiliations: Eastside Supporters Group and Shamrocks
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Tottenham Hotspur
Section: 107
Pre-Match Ritual: Join me at one of the many tailgate parties, bars or restaurants around the stadium

 Alex Eagleton

About Me: I am a wine enthusiast and work in the industry in sales and marketing. I have been a season ticket holder since the inaugural season and have been passionate about the Sounders since first kick. When I was younger, I used to wake up really early in the morning to watch the English Premier League before going out and playing on the torn up grass fields in the area. I believe it was then that I started to love this beautiful game. I look forward to working on the alliance council and helping to make the overall experience better for all of our fans and supporters.
Hometown: Newcastle, WA
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Soccer Affiliations: Eastside Supporters
Favorite club (outside of MLS):Everton, Newcastle, Borussia Dortmund
Section: 144 Row D
Pre-Match Ritual: I’m a big fan of tailgating, so chances are you’ll find me barbequing on the grill at various tailgates or at the local bars like King St Bar & Oven and Girin.

 Eric Flatness

About Me: Original season ticket member, communications background trying to make it as a professional writer (of many sorts).
Hometown: Issaquah
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Soccer Affiliations: Sounder at Heart, Seattle Reign
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Seattle Reign
Section: 128
Pre-Match Ritual: Bus or bike in from Bothell, MTTM.

 Bill Kaczaraba

About Me:I am a Communications and Marketing Director who currently works for Phillip Yin, a candidate for WA State Lt. Governor. I am the former Vice-President of FOX Sports Net. I was the News Director for NorthWest Cable News and Q13 FOX. I spent 12 years as Executive Producer at CNN. My love of soccer dates back to the original North American Soccer League and the Miami Toros and Ft. Lauderdale Strikers. I played soccer in high school and in college for Emerson College.
Hometown: Miami, FL
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Chelsea
Section: 133
Pre-Match Ritual: Mix up trolling for soccer bars around south downtown.

 Thom Kephart

About Me: My name is Thom Kephart and while a career change afforded me an opportunity to live in Seattle, the reason I’m here is quite simple: The Seattle Sounders. You see, I’ve lived and visited many cities in the states and abroad, but after attending the 2010 World Cup I knew I had to be in a location where a great soccer atmosphere existed AND was growing. Seattle fit the bill to a “T.” I became a season ticket member a month before I moved to Seattle, and was blown away at the experience of my first Sounders game in 2011.
Hometown: Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Season Ticket Member Since: 2011
Soccer Affiliations: I play on recreational clubs, currently with the Tuesday Night Lights Co-Rec squad. I’m also volunteering with the Sounders Community Trust.
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Chelsea
Section: 117
Pre-Match Ritual: My pre-match ritual is likely similar to many other fans. I dress in my lucky jersey, one sleeve at a time. I also tend to wear pants. Sometimes, but that’s a different ritual. Once at the stadium I either get a Berliner kebab or head straight into the stadium…that’s when the magic begins. That’s when I start playing the beer roulette game. “The beer roulette game?”, you ask. Well, that’s where I look for the shortest line and pick a different beer than I had at the last game. After finding my prize, I head to the stands while carefully guarding the suds from trying to form a relationship with the concrete. Excitement builds to a fever pitch heading down the tunnel, and some of those pesky suds escape. Sixty steps later, I’m in my favorite spot, ready to clap, sing, shout, and celebrate for the full 90.

 Roberta King

About Me:I fell in love with soccer as an adult, learning to play, coach, and simply be a fan of the beautiful game. I became an Alliance council member to help define democracy in sports, be a voice for Sounders FC fans, build the Alliance community, and work to increase opportunities for the Alliance to be involved in Club decisions. I’d still like to see an expanded selection of local microbrews at the stadium, and I sincerely hope that the Club will resist raising ticket prices so that attending matches is affordable and accessible to everyone, young and old. Go Sounders!
Hometown: Seattle is home (I grew up in Lakewood, WA)
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Soccer Affiliations: Played on teams in WSWSA & Co-Rec; coached in Seattle Youth Soccer Association. Sounders fan since 1981.
Favorite club (outside of MLS): FC Barcelona
Section: 107
Pre-Match Ritual: Gather with family/friends & have a pint or two on the way to the stadium

 Darla Langdon

About Me: I am a fun-loving soccer fan that loves her family and the people I surround myself with. I do photography on the side from my “real world” job and enjoy spending time with my loved ones, including our pup Audi (yes, as in the car- I’m a German / European car enthusiast). As far as soccer is concerned, I played as a kid- into jr. high and high school on rec leagues but was really never any good- however I never lost the love for the game so when the Sounders became an MLS team, that seemed like a perfect fit for me to get involved again.
Hometown: Puyallup, WA
Season Ticket Member Since: 2011
Soccer Affiliations: ECS & Dry Sider Supporters
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Bayern & Liberpool
Section: 130
Pre-Match Ritual:Arrive to stadium super early- enter stadium as soon as doors open- watch warm-ups and visit with others in my section- or go over to ECS to say HEY and give hugs

 Jeremey Monsivais

About Me: An Air Force Veteran who loves soccer. An avid supporter of the lesser majority Non-ECS.
Hometown: Seattle by way of Houston
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Soccer Affiliations: Skid Road... Sec 114.
Favorite club (outside of MLS): US Soccer
Section: 114
Pre-Match Ritual: Hawk’s Nest Bar

 Karl Picard

About Me: I have been a season ticket holder since 2009 and love going to the game with my wife and daughter.  We have a great group that sits together and has become an extended family in section 131.  We live and breathe Sounders and love working for those in the section as well as all of the Season Ticket Holders.  When not watching we love getting outdoors hiking.
Hometown: Seattle
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Soccer Affiliations: Co-Rec, whatever youth league Kasen is playing in
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Tottenham, Bayern Munich
Section: 131
Pre-Match Ritual: Pho with the family and stopping by the section tailgate near the Hawks Nest

 Daniel Roe

About Me: I am a forensic accountant by day and soccer supporter by night.  I have enjoyed soccer since I was kid playing YMCA indoor soccer.  I went to A-League Sounder matches as a kid and followed my Grandfather’s English team, Norwich City.  I have been a MLS Sounders Season Ticket Member since day one and love how the city of Seattle has embraced this team. I have served on the Alliance Council since 2011.  I am the author of the Scarf Competition Resolution that has allowed season ticket members to design and vote on our annual scarf for the past three years.  I have also worked with other Council Members to improve the voting platform that is used to elect Council members and other votes.  I am a member of the Sounders Community trust and cofounder of Eastside Supporters.  
Hometown: Issaquah
Season Ticket Member Since: 2009
Soccer Affiliations: Eastside Supporters, Sounders Community Trust
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Norwich City
Section: 330 Row A
Pre-Match Ritual: Beer is Proof Tailgate

 Stephanie Steiner

About Me: I am an executive in the wholesale natural food business. My customers are millionaire CEOs, single store operators, and everything in between. I manage a mid-range brand of organic food products, and I speak about marketing and merchandising at a lot of trade conventions. It makes it easier to get up in front of Sounders STMs at the Annual Business meeting. I create strategy within my company and for our retail partners to accomplish sales and profit objectives, assemble the resources required, and build plans of action. I use all of this experience on the Alliance Council to figure out how we’ll accomplish what we need to do to serve the Alliance as a whole.  First step: getting members to know we exist and (hopefully) they’ll want to make a productive contribution to the Alliance Council.  I’m also an equality activist and the fun aunt.
Hometown: Shingle Springs, CA
Season Ticket Member Since: 2010
Soccer Affiliations: Eastside Supporters, Emerald City Supporters (Barra), Gorilla FC, North End Faithful, Sounders Community Trust
Favorite club (outside of MLS): Prospector Soccer League Aztecs
Section: RedZone
Pre-Match Ritual: Arrive too early, sit in my car until it’s time to get in line, fidget with everything because I’m antsy, always use the same matchpass number to enter the stadium even though I say I’m not superstitious (I’m afraid I could be wrong), finally get inside and put scarves over my seats to save them, then go get some food and a drink and try to settle down (it never works)...last season I sat in different seats for the start of a match and everyone else flipped out...I won’t do that again

 Kristina Vaughn

About Me: I've lived in the Seattle area for most of my life and I don't know that I want to live anywhere else. I sit in section 145 with one of my best friends and have made a bunch more over the years. I played soccer throughout my youth and like to play in a rec league (when it's not too cold out). When I'm not cheering on the Sounders, I like to hike and take my dog to the park.
Hometown: Issaquah
Season Ticket Member Since: 2011
Soccer Affiliations: Eastside Supporters, Co-ed team at Starfire
Favorite club (outside of MLS): USMNT or anything on TV
Section: 145
Pre-Match Ritual: Beer Is Proof Tailgate

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