Alliance Council Constitution & Charter

The Sounders FC Alliance Council has written a constitution for the Alliance as a whole. The constitution establishes the goals of the Alliance, defines the roles and responsibilities of the Council, and builds a framework for the Sounders community to achieve a goal of coming together and having a voice for their interests in the Club. Additionally, the Club has written a charter which recognizes the Alliance as the voice of the overall fans and supporters of the Club, and which grants certain areas for the Alliance to have control over; other areas that the Club will try and advocate the Alliance's position; and agrees that the Alliance may choose to express its views on issues involving the Club.



We, the united fans and supporters of the Seattle Sounders Football Club, are dedicated to protecting, upholding, and furthering the interests of the greater Sounders community. For this purpose, we join together to create this Alliance, where we shall find strength in our common purpose: the success of the Seattle Sounders FC on the field and in the community.

Article 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Seattle Sounders Football Club Alliance (hereafter referred to as the “Alliance”).

Article 2 - Duration

The Alliance shall have perpetual existence.

Article 3 – Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Alliance shall be:

  • To speak with a unified voice on behalf of the Sounders community.
  • To ensure that fans and supporters have an impact on specific matters regarding or affecting the community. To provide the community with an open forum for all fans to express their opinions about the Club, the League, and American soccer.
  • To be a compass, always striving to guide the Sounders towards triumph on and off the field.
  • To protect the crest, which is the symbol of our Club, our city and our region—our home.
  • To serve as the conscience of the Sounders community.
  • To do any and all lawful activities which may be necessary.


Whereas, members of the Seattle Sounders have organized themselves in an organization known as the Seattle Sounders Football Club Alliance ("SSFC Alliance" or "Alliance"); and Whereas, the Seattle Sounders Football Club ("Club") supports Democracy in Sports; and Whereas, the Club benefits from having an organized membership base that has a voice in matters concerning the Club and its operations; and Whereas, members of the Club benefit from having an opportunity and a method of voicing their opinions on matters regarding the Club; and Whereas, the Alliance has established a solid foundation and method for members of the Club to accomplish these goals.