Scouting & Player Personnel

Sean Henderson

Director of Scouting

Corey Sinser

Director of Player Personnel

David Lara

Academy Head of Recruitment

Team Administration

Grant Clark

Vince Johnson

Josh Gehrke

Team Services Coordinator

Player Medical

Chris Cornish

Paul Lombardo

Lead Assistant Athletic Trainer

Sheila Tatsunami

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Hilary Obert

Physical Therapist

Jake Bronowski

Massage Therapist / Yoga Instructor

Eli Strom

Tacoma Defiance Head Athletic Trainer

Ryne Schrader

Academy Head Athletic Trainer

Michael Morris M.D.

Troy Henning D.O.

Chief Medical Officer

Tim Johnson M.D.

Internal Medicine Physician

Ronan Cahill M.D.

Tacoma Defiance Chief Medical Officer

Forrest Hartford

Chiropractor / Active Release Provider


Adam Centofanti

Head of Fitness

Megan Young

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ashmeet Anand

Sports Scientist

Alyssa O'Connell

Team Dietician 

Brandon Moran

Head of Developmental Performance

Sudip Bagui

Developmental Performance Coach


Nolan Myer

Mitchell Carnefix

First Team Equipment Manager

Andrew Carlin

Tacoma Defiance Equipment Manager

Moises Orozco

Assistant Equipment Manager

Soccer Analytics & Video Analysis

Tyler Cox

Director of Analytics

Jorge Garcia Valera

Director of Video Analysis

John Elsenbast

Developmental Analyst

Kyle Beck

Software Developer

Matt Dorman

Development Analyst

Player Development

Henry Brauner

VP of Player Development

Javi Bravo

U-17 Head Coach

Brayton Knapp

U-15 Head Coach

Fred Bragaglia

Goalkeeper Coach

Lauren Babcock

Head of Academy Operations

Diane Carney

Head of Education