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An exercise bike, sandals at the Román Torres Academy: Interesting notes from this week that you may have missed

Roman Torres Panama flag 2018-05-30

Happy Friday! Ahead of this weekend’s road match at RSL, let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy tidbits that you should find enjoyable.

1. Will Bruin brought an exercise bike outside to join the team

Head Coach Brian Schmetzer has stated that he expects Will Bruin and Víctor Rodríguez to be available against RSL, but Bruin wasn’t in full training a week ago. As noted in this piece on The Hoosier Network, Bruin brought out an exercise bike to the training pitch on May 24 so he could be close to his teammates.

“He wanted to do his work, ride his bike on the field and be part of the group,” Schmetzer said. “That’s the kind of player you want to have on your team.”

2. Stefan Frei ordered sandals for Gustav Svensson

While Gustav Svensson prepares for his first FIFA World Cup with Sweden, his roommate on the road, Stefan Frei, ordered a pair of custom-made adidas sandals for him. One foot says “Goose” the other one has his number “4” – and of course, they are blue and yellow like the Swedish national team.

“I am so excited for him. It’s a huge accomplishment,” Frei said. “Out of those few that make it, there is an even select few out of those that have a chance to do something like this. I am super excited for him. It’s well deserved.”

3. The Román Torres Football Academy is a real thing

Earlier this week, Román Torres was on-hand in Panama City to announce the inauguration of a soccer academy named in his honor. The academy will begin operations by sponsoring 50 kids from the Panama City neighborhoods of El Chorrillo, Curundú and Barraza, high-risk areas in the city. Sponsorship covers a child’s registration, monthly fee, uniform and gear.

“Today, I hope to pave the way for many talented children in the neighborhoods who only need an opportunity and guide,” Torres said at the event.



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