Clint Dempsey FIFA15

If you're a soccer fan, chances are you enjoy playing a little FIFA 15 as well. If you're a soccer fan in the USA, chances are (according to EA Sports) you're playing FIFA 15 with the Sounders FC.

In a post on, the Sounders FC was named as the most used MLS club in the USA with over 1.9 million matches played since the game was released on September 23. That's a lot of FIFA right there.

It's not just the team though as Clint Dempsey was the player in MLS who has scored the most goals in the game with 9.6 million. Obafemi Martins was third behind the New York Red Bulls Thierry Henry (7.7 million) with 7.3 million. The pair, just for the sake of taking a dig at LA, doubled the totals of the Galaxy's duo of Robbie Keane (4.4 million) and Landon Donovan (4.3 million).

Another cool stat listed? Use of MLS teams is up 112% from last year's game. 112%! That is HUGE.

All the details can be found below in a lovely infographic that EA Sports graciously provided for us to use in this post. Look how cool Clint looks!

FIFA 15 players in the United States really love using the Sounders FC -