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Goalkeeper Stefan Frei to put his artistic side to the test with Posters By The People submission

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We all know that Sounders FC goalkeeper Stefan Frei is good with his hands.

Boasting the most saves (36) in Major League Soccer so far in 2015, Frei has backstopped a much-improved Sounders rearguard in his second full season with the club. 

Off the pitch, Frei is an accomplished artist and has recently tried his (very steady) hand at the Sounders' Posters By The People program. Submitting a design for the June 20 match against the San Jose Earthquakes, Frei has taken the gloves off and turned to the pen in order to create a match poster that oozes who he is and the type of artwork he strives to create.

A small preview of his not-yet-completed submission can be seen below. Look at that detail! Just glorious!

His completed masterpiece will be unveiled in the week leading up to the Western Conference tussle with the San Jose Earthquakes later this season...but that doesn't mean you can't get involved before then.

The club is currently accepting designs from anyone in the Sounders coterie who has an affinity for artistic creation. The next deadline to get the yet-to-be-created pièce de résistance of your esteemed collection to us is Friday, May 15, with additional dates coming on June 19 and August 19. If your poster is chosen to represent the match you wanted to visually depict, you'll be set up with a whole bunch of goodies from the club, including tickets to said fixture, a VIP experience and more. Better bust out that canvas, friends.

Want to get the details on the program and how you can get your art sent over our way? Check out the Posters By The People page for all the information you can handle and cast your eyes upon the fantastic previous winners for inspiration...not that you need it, of course. Happy designing!



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